Medical Advantage ACO

An Accountable Care Organization - with a personal touch

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What Sets Medical Advantage ACO Apart?

We believe in transparency, so you’ll always know how the ACO is performing as a whole.​

Want to know more about how your practice is performing? We’ll benchmark your practice against others in the ACO to see your strengths and weaknesses.

We are also fee free, penalty free, and risk free for participants. We’re happy to split shared savings, but we’ll pay any downside penalties, so you don’t have to.​

No Fees

No Penalties

Risk Bearing

Hands-On Support

Your practice will receive 1:1 training and support from our Practice Coaches in the following areas:


Annual Wellness Visits

Best practices to increase appointment volumes with Medicare patients and develop personalized care plans, including the use of Telehealth technology.


Advanced Care Planning

Coaching on how to best talk with patients about the healthcare they would want to receive in a medical crisis.


Billing and Coding

Our coaches work with your staff to increase reimbursement amounts and reduce claim denials.


Care Management Services

Our experts share care management best practices to assist in care for your highest risk patients.


Risk Adjustment

We provide tools and training to drive updated, accurate patient risk capture.


Transitions of Care

Expert help tracking your patients’ movement ensure proper care and reduce unnecessary cost.

Annual Planning

Every year, we will work with your practice to develop an Annual Plan to prioritize practice activity and optimize shared savings opportunities for the ACO. You’ll have monthly meetings with your Practice Coach to monitor performance, adjust priorities as necessary and maintain momentum.


ACO Analytics and Reporting

ACO Performance View

Our proprietary portal for actionable program reports, educational tools, and Admission Discharge Transfer Notifications​.

Patient Activity View

Information on Admissions, Discharges & Transfers at Hospitals​, Skilled Nursing Facilities​, and Home Health Care​. As well as utilizing our free Medical Advantage ACO care managers to manage these transitions.


Designed to help physicians understand where their gap-in-care are occurring and why.

Plus access to reporting capabilities, including tracking risk capture.

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