Simplifying your AthenaIDX Workflows

Our expert AthenaIDX consultants can help you get more value from your RCM. Recoup lost revenue, reduce denials, simplify your reporting process and more with the help of our team.

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Improve ROI by Fixing Common RCM Issues.

When your practice management tool isn’t set up properly, it can negatively impact your cashflow and productivity. By optimizing AthenaIDX for your practice, our consultants enable you to achieve optimum performance.

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Reduce Billing Errors

Coding errors can lead to a loss in revenue. Our consultants work to standardize your AthenaIDX workflow to prevent billing mistakes.

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Speed up Payments

A poorly optimized RCM can cause delays in payments. Optimizing AthenaIDX for your practice minimizes payment time and helps keep your accounts receivable healthy.

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Increase Productivity

A complex workflow for billing and patient management can slow down your staff. By leveraging workflow automation, you can free up your staff to focus on more important tasks.

Our Services

Medical Advantage has spent two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care, quality, administrative efficiency, profitability, and compliance.

Our consultants are dedicated to understanding each facet of your AthenaIDX RCM system. Whether you need help optimizing your current RCM, unlocking improved workflows, or reducing clicks and maximizing your practice revenue, we can help meet your goals. Our consultants know the ins-and-outs of AthenaIDX and the latest in training to tailor your RCM to your practice’s needs.

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RCM Optimization

Your practice. Your workflow. Our customized solutions.

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RCM Migration

If you’ve exhausted your options with your EHR and are ready to migrate to a new solution, our experts can make the process seamless and pain-free.

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Go-Live Support

We listen, then develop a personalized implementation to suit the needs of your practice.

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RCM Training and Support

Your in-house expert, we help you optimize workflows, leverage new tools and provide ongoing technical support.

Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our expert RCM Consultants work with you to improve your practice’s billing workflows. With experience helping hundreds of practices nationwide to optimize their billing, here are just a few of our successes.

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Increase in entry productivity


By automating the claims process, staff no longer had to manually create claims. Not only did this free up valuable time, it also improved charge entry productivity by 50%.

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Decrease in rejection rate


By standardizing workflows the practice was able to reduce coding errors. This reduced their rejection rate and helped them hit record rejection rate lows.

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Increase in collections


By simplifying workflows and improving productivity, our consultants helped improve collections rates. Over a 6-month time period, the practice saw a 30% increase in collections.

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