Medical Advantage + Augmedix

Virtual, Intelligent Medical Documentation and Live Clinical Support

Augmedix humanizes the clinician-patient experience by enabling clinicians to focus on what matters most: high-quality patient care. A unique software platform, Augmedix uses a blend of intelligent automation and highly-trained, virtual human scribes to convert natural clinician-patient conversations into thorough medical documentation – all while providing real-time administrative support.  Medical Advantage is proud to partner with Augmedix as both companies work toward improving care quality and profitability throughout the healthcare landscape.

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Let clinicians focus on what matters most: patient care

Improve Productivity Graphic

Improve Productivity

By saving clinicians 2–3 hours per day on average, providers using Augmedix have been able to see nearly 2 additional patients per day – and have reported a 20% increase in productivity.

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Enhance Patient Experience

98% of patients presented with the opportunity to make Augmedix a part of their care have accepted – this has resulted in more face-time with clinicians.

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Reduce Clinician Burnout

Providers using Augmedix rate the software 4.8 out of 5 stars on average. In addition, clinicians report a more than 40% increase in work-life balance satisfaction.
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Enhance Reimbursement

Augmedix users have reported enhanced medical note quality, increased billing to appropriate level of care, more accurate coding, and a 20% decrease in days to chart closure. This has resulted in faster reimbursement. 

What Clinicians are Saying

I’m a rheumatologist who has been using Augmedix for the past four years. The service has unequivocally improved my quality of life!

- Dr. Andrew Laster, Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas

Augmedix has been life changing for me! It’s great service that every clinician should be using.

- Dr. Mani Nezhad, Neurologist, Dignity Health Medical Group Ventura County

I cannot imagine my career without my remote scribe. It slashes my work in half.

- Hany Fouad, MD, Dignity Health

Augmedix start rating

4.7/5 provider satisfaction rating average since 2013

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