4 Excellent Examples of Dashboards in Healthcare: Infographic

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Healthcare Consulting, Infographics

In this infographic we look at 4 examples of dashboards in healthcare. Adapted from our previous post on healthcare dashboard examples, we discuss our financial, patient, visits, and services dashboards and look at the healthcare KPIs and metrics they can provide your practice.

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4 Healthcare Dashboards Examples Infographic

Healthcare dashboards are software analytics tools your organization can use to track, identify, and ultimately improve your organization’s performance in operational, clinical, and financial areas. Read on to see which of our healthcare dashboard solutions could be right for you.

Financial Dashboard

Healthcare financial dashboards are a powerful tool to manage the fiscal aspects of your practice, network of practices, or health center.

Among other KPIs, financial dashboards can allow your organization to track charges and payments over time, charges and payments by insurer, claim denials over time, average days in A/R, average days to bill, collectability percentage, total charges and payments, and much more.

Patient Dashboard

Healthcare patient dashboards help equip stakeholders at all levels of an organization with insights and data about their patient population, to help the organization better serve and engage with its patients.

Among other KPIs, patient dashboards can allow your organization to track patients per day, patients per day, patients by age group, patients by gender, patients by specialty, patients by home address, total patients, and more.

Patient Visits Dashboard

Healthcare patient visit dashboards can help groups better understand who visits the practice, when, for how long, for what services, and more.

Among other KPIs, patient visits dashboards can allow your organization to view average visit duration, average wait time, schedule utilization percentage, no show percentage, cancellation percentage, bump percentage, average visits by practitioner, average visits by day and month, and more.

Services Dashboard

Healthcare services dashboards can help group leadership better understand types, amounts, trends, and categories of services your organization is providing.

Among other KPIs, services dashboards can allow your organization to view services per day, services by year and quarter, services and charges by procedure category, top services categories by revenue, top services categories by number performed, and more.

Healthcare Dashboards: A Powerful Tool for Your Organization

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