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5 Reasons to Provide the Best EHR Training

by | Jul 11, 2022

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Think of an electronic health care record system as a hardware store with all the tools needed to do a variety of projects. You won’t be putting everything in stock into your cart, so EHR training is about selecting the tools to make your project as successful as possible. EHR consultants are like your personal shopper, ensuring you pick the best tools, hand them off to the right people, and understand how to use them the best way. 

Like it wouldn’t make sense to give the entire project supplies to the tile installer, staff should ONLY focus on tools pertaining to their specific role rather than exhaustive training of the whole system. Consider the core benefits of a thoughtfully executed EHR training strategy. 

Get the MOST Benefit 

You could have the best EHR software known to man and still be dissatisfied if it is not being used correctly. Knowing what features are most appropriate for each task. and how to use each most effectively empowers staff to get the most out of the EHR. 


Your staff (more than likely) wants efficient workflows as much as you do. Training that eliminates excess steps, reduces errors, and facilitates integration saves time and stress for everyone. 

Reduce Burnout 

EHR training correlates to work satisfaction. To ensure the best user experience, each person learning how to use the EHR the best way mitigates confusion and frustration with technology. 

Improve Accuracy & Care Quality 

For the best patient outcomes, it is critical to maintain and pass along complete and accurate patient data that travels between medical facilities. Effective training ensures care quality. 

Cumulative Rewards 

Long term benefits include more reliable revenue cycle management (RCM), improved performance on quality measures for value-based care (VBC), staff retention, enhanced reputation from better patient experience, and more! 

To get the most operational, administrative, and financial benefits from your EHR, the training process must be complete, effective, and consistent.  

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