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Infographic: Age Friendly Care For Senior Patients

by | Sep 9, 2021

This Infographic is adapted from our previous article, How the Age-Friendly Model Promotes Better Elder Patient Care. We’ve included an excerpt from this piece below. Read on to see how your practice can improve it’s quality of care for senior pat

“Among the greatest challenges of the over-65 population are frequent hospitalizations, a lack of family support, and too many medications (that are often unaffordable) joined with health problems that snowball due to inadequate intervention. Other influential factors affecting senior health are technology gaps in an internet-reliant society, barriers to transportation, financial constraints of fixed income, insufficient time to address all healthcare needs, and undiagnosed mental issues.”

Age Friendly Care for Senior Patients Infographic

We expect the over-65 population to double by 2060 with two out of three facing multiple chronic conditions. Age-friendly care begins with revising how to better meet their needs.

The 4Ms

The established framework for tailoring to older patients consists of:

  • Medication: Working to reduce adverse drug effects.
  • Mentation: Being more vigilant about cognitive impairment and dementia.
  • Mobility: Mitigating fall risks by making daily movement safer.
  • What Matters: Improving the quality of life by factoring in their lifestyle goals.

Accommodations for Seniors

We’ve found the following solutions to be successful in achieving age friendly care.

Patient Portal Access for Caregivers

Teaching seniors how to get maximum benefit from portal use promotes patient engagement. But when patients face technology barriers, allowing caregivers access by proxy accounts is a viable solution

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPMs deliver quality, cost-effective healthcare to senior populations. Seniors maintain an independent lifestyle as providers remotely monitor vitals and other health data.

Medical Advantage Is Here to Support Age-Friendly Care

Your practice is committed to vigilant and mindful care tailored to your older patients. We help you deliver efficient high-quality care for seniors with our RPM services. Also, through our medical website design arm, iHealthSpot, we make your website more senior-friendly with ADA-accessibility tools.

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Improve Engagement and outcomes for patient populations

Improve Patient Care With Our Care Management & RPM Solutions