Automating Your EHR: How To Simplify Life for Your Front Office Staff

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Articles, Electronic Health Records (EHR)

EHR Optimization

Before patients see a medical assistant or physician for their annual or sick visit, the first people they see are your front office staff. They will work together to make sure personal and insurance information is updated before they wait to see clinical staff.

From the patient’s perspective, aside from an occasional reminder call about an upcoming appointment, they won’t interact much with the front office. Many patients don’t see the number of responsibilities your front office staff has that help your practice run efficiently. In addition to the dozens of phone calls they take from patients regarding their medical care or bills, they schedule appointments, process referrals (including getting prior authorizations when necessary), make reminder calls, and send refill requests to pharmacies.

Wouldn’t it make your practice more efficient and life easier for your front office staff if some of these tasks could be automated?

Thankfully, your electronic medical record (EMR) software can automate many of these tasks.

For example, the system can:

  • Make automatic reminder calls for upcoming appointments based on the patient’s communication preferences (phone, text, email).
  • Verify patient insurance by running a batch eligibility check during off hours so that this is completed before the day starts.
  • House standard templates for automation while also enabling staff to customize.
  • Attach pertinent documents to a referral and send these via fax within the system or even electronically if the practice is a member of a provider-to-provider network.
  • Interact with pharmacies to have refill requests sent directly to clinics.

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