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3 Ways Digital Health Analytics Boost Practice Performance: Infographic

by | Aug 23, 2021

Digital health analytics can synthesize practice data into intuitive, centralized reports. These reports can then offer helpful insights into areas where efficiency, care quality, and revenue can be increased. This infographic shows the top 3 ways digital health analytics can boost practice performance. 

This infographic is adapted from our previous post: How Digital Health Analytics Can Boost Practice Performance.

3 Ways Digital Health Analytics can Boost Practice Revenue infographic

1. Assess Population and Patient Health Data  

Digital health analytics allow physicians to look at patients within the context of the entire population – benefiting the health of both individuals and groups as a whole.  

For example, healthcare professionals can use dashboards to apply filters to see which patients have recently been in for certain screenings and tests. This allows them to see how they’re performing across the board on certain performance measurements. It also lets them filter down to see which patients are in need of these procedures. Staff can then reach out, get them in the door, and boost outcomes and revenue.  

2. Eliminate Gaps in Care and Increase Performance in Payer Contracts  

In today’s value-based healthcare landscape, more and more reimbursement is occurring under the conditions of custom contracts with payers – contracts that come with specific performance metric targets and requirements.  

With enhanced analytics, healthcare professionals can view patient and payer data to gain a picture of care gaps across populations – and then divert practice resources toward closing those gaps in care, to achieve better patient outcomes and increased performance in payer contracts.  

3. Identify Financial Inefficiencies  

Healthcare analytics extend beyond care management and into the financial realm. In one centralized space, staff can view expenses, salaries, costs, billing efficiencies, scheduling utilization and wait time trends, total claims and more – and filter all of these metrics by physician, time period, and location.  

Empowered with enhanced oversight, leadership can identify any areas of inefficiency and adapt workflow policies to address these shortfalls. 

Medical Advantage Can Help  

Medical Advantage’s digital health analytics team bridges the gap between a tech solution and a practice staff – helping you not only implement an analytics solution, but understand how to use it and integrate it in practice workflows. To schedule a free consultation, contact one of our consultants today.  

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Custom Solutions To Meet Your Healthcare Data Needs

Expert Healthcare IT and Analytics Solutions for Your Practice