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EHR Data Migration Best Practices

by | Oct 11, 2022


Understand the Scope of Your Data Migration 

To ensure its success, EHR data migration requires a collaborative team approach. That is why it is important to identify users who will be impacted by the migration and include them when you analyze your data. Questions to ask include: 

  • What data is essential to convert? 
  • What additional data would bring value to convert? 
  • What data can be archived? 
  • What data may be scanned in and will that be done in-house, via the migration, or by a third party? 

Plan Your Data Transfer to Minimize Downtime 

Understanding and planning for data mapping is critical for minimizing downtime. Working together with the new EHR vendor on a migration solution will help you anticipate potential data mapping issues and troubleshoot them in advance. Also, confirm with both your old and new vendors that they will use the continuity of care documentation (CCD). This is important because these summaries include data about current and past health status that can be shared with other EHR systems if a patient relocates, changes doctors or needs to see a specialist. 

Always make sure EHR data is backed up according to HIPAA standards in case unforeseen problems arise during migration. Existing vendors also may be able to help minimize downtime and troubleshoot any issues by providing a testing environment before data migration.

Verify and Test Your Data 

Before going live with a new EHR, healthcare facilities must validate that the data transfers are complete and test the new system to ensure it is working properly. After validation, the EHR vendor will do a final check for missing data or system glitches. These steps are critical to avoid obstacles down the road due to missing or incomplete data.

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