Healthcare is an industry of change. From metrics which track success in value-based programs, to order sets and templates for documentation and treatment, to software upgrades and new features, your organization is likely going through change every single day. With the current pace of change, most organizations struggle to keep up and deploy proper training to their staff to ensure success across the board. If you are letting the lack of resources or time get in the way of clear and concise training, you’re likely feeling it in other ways such as burnout and a lack of success in pay-for-performance programs.

The benefit of hiring an experienced EHR training firm

Hiring an outside firm may seem expensive, until you consider the benefits of outsourcing to experts. A firm such as Medical Advantage focuses on developing the best training possible and it’s our business to stay up to date with federal and commercial programs as well as EHR vendors to understand their latest software updates and new module releases so we’re able to provide you with industry-leading expertise. With this knowledge base, coupled with our experience in EHR optimization and training, Medical Advantage can take the time to research and create documentation and new agendas — and develop a customized training for your staff to maximize EHR training. For a medical practice or health system, taking on a cost like that for a single use could be budget crushing.

The value of perspective – training the practice as a whole

Hiring a firm that specializes in training ensures your sessions are streamlined and productive. Often, bringing in a few fresh faces to deliver the training can be a game-changer, and an independent trainer can share real life examples to drive points home, and offer a fresh approach to information retention. At Medical Advantage we use national benchmarking to ensure our sessions are efficient and your staff is thoroughly trained to optimize information retention. Our training team has been in hundreds of medical practices across the country and interfaces with EHR vendors regularly so you can benefit from our lessons learned and real-life examples on how software is used. In addition to our expertise, hiring an outside firm allows your in-house resources to stay focused on day-to-day operations that keep your business thriving.

In order to deliver streamlined, impactful training, in a cost-effective manner, it’s vital to partner with a firm like Medical Advantage who continuously invests in their team, tools and content. The ability to have the type of experienced trainer needed, for the updated content available, at an hourly cost, can be a game-changer for your organization. Hiring an outside resource will help you pinpoint areas of need and close gaps efficiently – and not limit you to your current resource time and limited knowledge base.

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