Improving FQHC Performance Measures with Dashboards: Infographic

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Healthcare Consulting, Infographics

Improving FQHC performance measures is one way for FQHCs to increase quality metrics and improve their revenue. Federally-qualified health centers, or FQHCs, are an integral part of the national healthcare landscape. By providing care for certain underserved populations, FQHCs are a crucial partner in the fight to close gaps in patient care across U.S. healthcare.  

By using performance dashboards, FQHCs can aim to improve performance measures and help simplify their Uniform Data System (USD) reporting. Continue to see our infographic below – adapted from our blog post on Improving FQHC Performance Measures.

Common Pitfalls to FQHC Performance 

Leadership at FQHCs – indeed, at medical practices in general – know the crunch that can come at the end of a reporting cycle. With staff and leadership having their hands full with the already immense day-to-day responsibilities of running the practice, the reporting of data can get backed up and left aside for more pressing matters throughout the cycle. When the time finally comes to put together a management report with the necessary reporting measures, data may be disorganized, missing, scattered across a number of different reports, or all the above. This puts practice staff up against a wall at the end of the cycle, struggling to put together even a semi-passable report – with the performance metrics that they were able to collect likely not presenting an accurate picture of all of the patient and population successes the practice is having. 

Improving FQHC performance measures with dashboards - infographic

Government and private entities which fund FQHCs though grants and other contributions do so with stipulations and requirements in performance thresholds in measures outlined and standardized under the Uniform Data System (UDS).

Our custom dashboard solutions help bridge the gap between EHR and Medical Billing departments. By improving performance before sending required UDS reports, we’re able to improve your performance metrics – in turn increasing your medical practice’s return on investment.

Medical Advantage’s team of expert consultants have years of experience form consulting and improving FQHC performance in all aspects of operations. From EHR selection, optimization, and troubleshooting – synthesizing and analysis of claims, EHR, financial and patient data – and finally to consulting and service solutions to help improve measures on grant performance metrics.

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