Infographic: How to Rebuild Patient Visit Volume

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Healthcare Consulting, Infographics

This infographic was adapted from our other article, Increasing Patient Volume at Your Practice: 4 Steps to Take Now.

Infographic - Rebuilding Patient Volume Infographic

4 Tips to Rebuild Patient Visit Volume  

Many providers are struggling to bring patient volume back up to pre-pandemic levels. Our experts have provided 4 ways to guide your practice to increase patient volume:  

1. Invest in Practice Marketing  

Over 70% of patients use online search to find a new provider, and 88% of healthcare consumers use online reviews to vet a provider referral.  

In today’s digital age, practice marketing efforts are critical to success. Key elements to invest in are a well-designed, easy-to-use website; online reputation management services; and pay-per-click advertising to get your practice in the eyes of new, potential patients.  

2. Engage in Proactive Patient Outreach  

Outreach to your existing patient base is key to rebuilding visit volume. A targeted email or phone outreach campaign can fill your appointment book, and let patients know their options for in-person and telehealth visits.   

3. Eliminate Workflow Inefficiencies  

Assessing practice operations and eliminating workflow inefficiencies within your practice can go a long way toward increasing patient volume. One of the best places to start is with your EHR – customized workflows and EHR training are key to reducing burnout and maximizing your resources and time.  

4. Overcome Short Staffing and Burnout  

Developing Key Performance Indicators for your practice and tracking them in an easy-to-use healthcare dashboard can help you see how your organization is performing and allow you to optimize your operations and redirect efforts towards patient outreach, appointment scheduling, and billing to reduce impacts of short staffing and burnout and increase patient volume.  

Medical Advantage Can Help  

Whether through practice marketing, customized healthcare dashboards, or EHR, practice operations, or outreach consulting, Medical Advantage’s experts bring a rich healthcare and technology background that can help your practice to rebuild patient volume, and remain competitive in the changing healthcare environment.  

To find out how we can work with your practice to rebuild your patient volume, schedule a free consultation today.  

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