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Make Sure EHR data is accurate for Dashboard Analysis

by | Jun 27, 2022


Electronic health records (EHR) provide practices the data to leverage healthcare analytics to their advantage. First, you need to verify that data is accurate and reliable. 

An optimized EHR with clean data provides better answers to your business questions and better insights into maximizing practice operations and patient outcomes. 

Data analytics in healthcare 

Data analytics can show providers what steps to take to 

  • Improve patient outcomes 
  • Identify health disparities 
  • Show where and when staffing falls short 
  • Show how often certain care is in demand 
  • If a visit or treatment is likely to be denied   

Predictive Analytics to Manage Office Workflows 

Data about health issues and outcomes, can be used to assess your patient population for: 

  • Warning of developing conditions 
  • Likely no-shows in a given week 
  • Spikes in patient need on certain days 

EHR Data Benefits to Your Practice Analytics 

Patient information, demographics, trends in visits, and diagnoses can all be used to inform how care is delivered to your patients. Analytics showing data including blood sugar level and blood test results can help medical practices lower hospital readmission rates, reduce errors, and better identify at-risk populations.    


Setting yourself up for success 

Ensuring your staff has a reliable, user-friendly dashboard solution so they can confidently monitor trends and data is an essential element of success in today’s healthcare environment.   

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