Medical Advantage CEO to Speak at Indiana Population Health Conference

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ANN ARBOR, Michigan, May 18, 2017 – Medical Advantage CEO Paul MacLellan will be a featured speaker at the 2017 Population Health Summit at the East Event Centre in Carmel, Indiana on May 19. MacLellan will present as part of a panel of scholars and doctors on the significance of maintaining good population health, the typical challenges in doing so and how to improve population health.

Organizers are hoping to stimulate conversations about how to better leverage data and technology to improve population health. The event is the product of a collaboration between the Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana Hospital Association, and Indiana University’s Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health.

Population health refers to managing the care and improving health outcomes of patients as a group or population.  It requires coordination of care across various providers in the neighborhood such as primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals, and requires the sharing of patient information across the group.  Through this collaboration, industry leaders aim to increase the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare across patient populations.

Population health is central to Medical Advantage’s mission, reflected in the company’s “Three Pillars of Population Health Solution,” which MacLellan will present at the conference. The solution advocates for a holistic approach to care across clinical, financial and technology areas.

“Population health is a widely-used term in our market currently, and its definition will vary depending on who you ask,” MacLellan said. “We like to think of it across three dimensions: clinical, meaning the performance and the opportunity for practitioners within a group or system to implement consistent, best practices for patient care; financial, meaning management of payer contracts and capital reinvestment into the group or system, and finally, a technology infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of patient information between providers within the group as well as a strong data analytics capability.”

Improve Population Health

MacLellan’s philosophy looks to set clear guidelines to improve population health, and reduce some of the uncertainty and confusion in this area. Through a careful process of aggregating and standardizing patient data between practices and insurance providers, then making that data available across providers in the group, and finally analyzing that data to proactively identify areas for improvement, MacLellan envisions a health system providing better care at a lower cost.

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The Indiana Hospital Association represents the collective interests of member hospitals in Indiana before policymakers, legislators and regulators. They connect hospitals with the business community and healthcare organizations that include the American Hospital Association. In addition, the IHA collects, analyzes and distributes data to help members and policymakers understand what needs to be done to improve the health of the communities they serve, as well as provides opportunities for hospitals to share ideas and information on the challenges they face, from patient safety to reimbursement. To learn more, visit Indiana Hospital Association.


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