Medical Advantage Podcast Ep 6: OpenNotes – How Can Your Organization Prepare for OpenNotes?

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Podcasts, Practice Services

How can your practice prepare for OpenNotes?

Have you heard? OpenNotes – a new, federal requirement mandating that clinicians make certain practitioner notes more available to patients – is fast-approaching, going into effect April 5, 2021. Preparing for OpenNotes and coming into compliance with this new program is an important opportunity for your organization to not only avoid noncompliance penalties, but also to improve patient engagement, reduce potential liability issues, and strengthen patient-physician relationships through increased transparency. 

But what exactly do these new regulations mandate, and what are best practices for meeting and exceeding the requirements? We sat down with Medical Advantage’s very own OpenNotes expert, Chad Anguilm, to better understand this new requirement and to walk through his 5-step solution to a successful OpenNotes rollout in your organization.

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