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Why Some Practices Are Choosing On-Site EHR Assistance During COVID-19

by | Nov 10, 2020

As businesses in the healthcare space continue to adapt their practices to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote strategies have become an increasingly attractive option. The upside to these remote strategies is that providers can continue offering an organized, high standard of care while still preserving pandemic protections for patients and staff. One notable example of this is the emergence of remote EHR activations as an alternative to traditional on-site go-lives.

Remote EHR go-lives can be a smart choice for practices looking to implement new EHR systems. Many vendors provide global software support networks to assist with the installation and troubleshooting from off-site, and practices don’t have to accommodate office time for teams to come on-site.

Even so, many practices are continuing to turn to on-site support to increase productivity and satisfaction levels with their EHR systems even further. This on-site support can either come right at the time of go-live, or later, after an off-site EHR activation, to help further enhance the EHR system’s integration into individualized office workflows.

Medical Advantage offers on-site EHR support designed to give your practice the best of both worlds: software and technical know-how and hands-on support and training. In addition to helping with technological set-up and troubleshooting, Medical Advantage’s trained experts take time to understand the people, process, and individual workflow of each practice up close. Our team is made up of EHR super users, former office managers and RNs who have lived the challenges of EHR systems and understand how to tailor it to each individual practice’s workflow.

For this reason, many providers have recently leveraged Medical Advantage’s expertise for on-site EHR consulting.

One such provider is Allergy A.R.T.S., an Allergy, Asthma, Rheumatology, Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases specialist in Amarillo, Texas. After initially experiencing difficulties with an remote go-live, Medical Advantage’s trained team of experts was brought in to help smooth out the process and assist the Allergy A.R.T.S. Team in mastering their EHR software on-site. 

As remote-based solutions become more prevalent in healthcare, Medical Advantage’s team of experts continue to offer on-site, custom-tailored assistance to help your practice through its EHR go-live process. Speak with one of our EHR experts today to see how we can assist your go-live and help increase both revenue and quality of care at your practice.

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Save time, reduce revenue losses, and provide better care

Improve Your Electronic Health Records With Expert EHR Consulting