Over 200 Independent Practices Achieve $70 Million in Additional Revenue and Improved Patient Outcomes

by | Oct 5, 2022

Medical Advantage Helps Over 200 Independent Practices Achieve $70 Million in Additional Revenue and Improved Patient Outcomes Through Membership in CIPA 

Expanded and optimized contracting opportunities pay off for Michigan’s primary care providers 

NOVI, Michigan, October 05, 2022 – Independent primary care practices in Medical Advantage’s managed services organization (MSO), the Consortium of Independent Physician Associations (CIPA), enjoyed another year of additional revenue through increased fee schedules and value-based incentives, totaling over $70 million distributed to member physicians since the organization’s launch. 

Over the last five years, CIPA member practices have achieved the NCQA 90th percentile benchmark for an average of 16 measures and over 90 percent of CIPA practices have earned Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) designation, leading to additional value-based reimbursements, incentive opportunities and improved patient care.  

“Over the years, providers, patients, and payers have seen the impacts of consolidation, private equity investment, and increased use of technology on the healthcare system. Some providers have seen great benefit in these evolutions, while others, particularly those in rural areas, have felt left behind,” said Meghan Sheridan, Director of CIPA and Healthcare Transformation. “By aligning with our penalty-free physician organization, primary care physicians throughout the state have been able to take advantage of the resources typically only available to larger systems or private equity and business investors, without compromising their practice autonomy.”  

As the adoption of risk-based contracting accelerates, many providers find themselves unable to take full advantage of opportunities from payers due to lack of negotiation power. For these physicians, CIPA provides both the ability to participate in risk-based arrangements without fear of penalties and the opportunity to maximize reimbursement potential with the assistance of dedicated practice consultants.  

Improving practice performance in value-based care arrangements is no easy feat. In fact, CIPA’s quality, cost, and risk adjustment coaches spend an average of nearly five thousand hours annually supporting member practices, often on-site, elbow-to-elbow with practice staff to develop the procedures and processes that best enable that specific practice to succeed.  

“My performance improvement coach Cherie and I have worked together for many years. Not only has she guided me through many changes in the healthcare field, but she has been a support to me personally, as we get to know our performance improvement coach well while working together closely,” shared the Quality Manger of a CIPA member practice in Lake Odessa, Michigan. “I can’t thank Cherie enough for all she has done for me and the success we have shared together.”  

Services provided by CIPA consultants include: 

  • Quality performance review and improvement plan development 
  • Analysis of practice workflows to identify efficiency improvement opportunities  
  • Review of cost of care management and admission, discharges, and transfers Data 
  • Electronic health record (EHR) integration for supplemental data and reporting 
  • Consultation for billing, coding, and revenue cycle management (RCM) 
  • Risk adjustment education, chart auditing, and pre-visit form development 
  • Practice marketing services to grow your patient panel 

Many of CIPA’s member providers have been with the MSO for nearly a decade and continue to take advantage of growing contracting opportunities, evolving practice interventions, and improved fee schedules. In fact, after the 2022 launch of the Medical Advantage ACO, many CIPA members were eager to participate in the ACO to take advantage of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) opportunity as well. Now, through membership in CIPA’s physician organization and Medical Advantage’s ACO – member physicians anticipate even greater success in their commercial and federal contracts with the expert consulting of Medical Advantage.  

About Medical Advantage   

Medical Advantage (medicaladvantage.com) is an innovator within the TDC Group of companies (TDC Group) for maximizing health plan and physician clinical and financial performance in value-based contracting. Medical Advantage’s hands-on, value-based healthcare, electronic health record (EHR), healthcare performance dashboards, and telehealth consulting services provide practices, health plans, and delivery systems of all sizes with customized, actionable solutions to decrease the cost of care and improve quality. Medical Advantage’s mission is to simplify the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare.  

About TDC Group  

TDC Group is the nation’s largest physician-owned provider of insurance, risk management, and healthcare practice improvement solutions. Serving the full continuum of care, from individual physicians to academic medical systems, we help healthcare professionals overcome the complexities of today’s practice environment. TDC Group (thetdcgroup.com) delivers proven solutions constantly refined through tireless innovation. We are defined by our depth of experience, commitment to service, unparalleled product offering, and broad distribution capabilities. With annual revenue of $1 billion, over $6 billion in assets, and offices nationwide, TDC Group serves over 100,000 healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the United States.  

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