PMC ACO Achieves Significant Savings within the 2019 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)

by | Sep 15, 2020 | News

FLINT, Mich., September 15, 2020, Professional Medical Corporation (PMC) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) has achieved significant savings within the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). This is based on a recently received report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) indicating the 2019 performance year results, demonstrating the ACO’s financial and quality performance. PMC ACO saved more than $3.49 million in 2019 – this represents a shared savings of $678 per member per year. MSSP is designed to reward healthcare providers for providing high quality care while effectively managing healthcare costs.

PMC ACO is a group of independent primary care physicians primarily based in Flint, Michigan. PMC ACO provides high quality primary care to patients to improve their health and coordinate their care, thereby preventing duplication of services as well as high cost episodes such as hospital admissions. PMC ACO collaborates with hospitals, specialists, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare providers to achieve these goals.

PMC is supported by Medical Advantage who provides ACO management services which include facilitation of enhanced patient care, close collaboration with specialists, data analytics and physician performance dashboards, dedicated one-on-one support and education on quality and best practices.

“We are very pleased with the 2019 results and the savings achieved for our PMC ACO members,” said Michael Grodus, Director of Healthcare Transformation for Medical Advantage. “Strong partnerships with ACO medical practices have been established which enable our team to effectively work with the physicians to share data, access admissions data to manage admissions and transitions of care, close patient gaps-in-care to improve quality and identify high-cost opportunities to decrease cost of care.”

In addition to these savings, PMC ACO had a quality score of 92.2 percent as reported by CMS. Quality scores are based on the patient/caregiver experience, care coordination/patient safety, preventive health, and care of at-risk populations. This means patients served by PMC ACO physicians are getting the necessary services to maintain high-quality health.

“Over the past few years, PMC has worked diligently to provide high-quality, efficient care through dynamic initiatives that engage patients,” said Farhan Khan, MD, Medical Director for PMC ACO. “This has created positive 2019 shared savings results. We look forward to continuing to improve care for our patients in the future.”

“We are confident that we will continue to excel in providing value-based care and achieve success in this program through the strong management team that includes experienced physician and operational leadership as well as highly engaged physicians,” said Grodus.

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