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Join the Medical Advantage ACO – And We’ll Cover the Downside Penalties

The Time is Now – Why You Should Join an ACO (Accountable Care Organization)

by | Mar 23, 2022

The reporting and resources needed to keep up with the demands of Medicare quality standards have only become more cumbersome both now and in the future. Toggling upside and downside risk can be difficult to keep up with and confusing at times. Many practices are constantly worried that one dropped ball could sending hard-earned revenue to the government. 

Trying to manage Medicare value-based care on your own can be a vicious cycle. The strained resources to keep up with quality end up stealing from the reserves you need to provide quality. ACOs (or Accountable Care Organizations) break the spell by supporting those practices and providers with Medicare patients while easing the burden of reporting and remediating care quality. 

Bill Riley (Vice President of Marketing at Medical Advantage) moderates this rich discussion centered on how ACOs not only shield your practice from downside risk, but also improve care quality across the board. This presentation was originally recorded as an on-demand webinar, but is being published as a podcast as it bears a timely message for many practices, particularly those in Michigan and Ohio. 

You will hear first-hand insights and experiences of ACO strategy implementation Darline El Reda (Vice President of Population Health), Meghan Sheridan (Director of Managed Services Organization), and Shelby Courtney (Senior Consultant). These experts are actively engaged with practices who greatly benefit from ACO membership. 

In this presentation we discuss: 

  • Why should providers care about ACOs? 
  • What success looks like in the ACO environment and what the “three buckets” of effective ACO strategies are. 
  • How ACOs are prepared to absorb the downside risk so that practices can direct more resources to care quality for patients. 
  • How holistic practice solutions resolve the root causes that hinder more efficient operations. 
  • Why improving care for Medicare patients ends up improving quality for all of the patients served. 

This podcast introduces Medical Advantage’s very own ACO program for practices in Michigan and Ohio or those who represent an existing ACO. Rather than try to troubleshoot solutions when there is no time spare, our seasoned healthcare consultants provide the reporting and implement the reliable solutions needed to optimize value-based care quality for the best upside and downside risk outcome. 

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An Accountable Care Organization with a Personal Touch

Join the Medical Advantage ACO – And We’ll Cover the Downside Penalties