Patient Engagement Series Part Two: The Importance of a Practice Website to Patient Engagement

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Podcasts, Practice Services

In the digital age, the importance of a medical practice website cannot be understated – having a webpage is about so much more than simply maintaining an online presence. It’s a hub for all of your services, and at the center of the entire patient experience. 

“A website is the anchor piece to all of your other marketing services, whether it’s digital or traditional marketing,” says Chelimar Miranda, Medical Advantage’s Director of Operations and practice marketing expert. “The marketing services will get the user to your practice website, but the website will turn the user into a patient.”  

In this episode, we hear from both Miranda and Sarah Rayer, Medical Advantage’s Digital Marketing Services Manager, as the two discuss the importance of web marketing strategy, the elements of a successful website, and where medical professionals looking for assistance can go to learn more.  

This is the second episode in our four-part patient engagement series, and the sixteenth episode in the Medical Advantage Podcast, where each we take time each episode to discuss the ideas and technologies changing healthcare, and the best practices your organization can take to stay productive and profitable. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to ensure you never miss an episode. 

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