Infographic: SEO for Medical Practices – How to Be Found in Google Search

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Infographics, Practice Services

What you immediately see in search results isn’t there randomly – Google picks favorites. “Search visibility” is how often you are seen in search results. Paid ads are prioritized at the top, but also on-page is unpaid placement called “organic search.” Efforts to secure these unpaid top spots in results is called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO for Medical Practices can be a great method for increasing patient volume.

Is “Unpaid” Placement Free? 

No, it’s not free. What they call “free traffic” is when a website gets visitors without paying Google. Money and resources go toward winning Google’s favor: making a great website, providing valuable content, and getting good reputation signals from other web sources. 

While paid placement seizes short-term gains, organic is designed for steady, long-term visibility. Our clients spend $399-$1399 per month for robust digital marketing packages that include SEO (some agencies charge upwards of $4000 monthly for SEO only).  

Why Typical Business SEO Is Insufficient for Medical Practices 

Weblinks aren’t the only way medical practices appear in search results as listings also feature providers – top healthcare directories plus Google My Business are prominently displayed in search. 

Your average SEO agency isn’t likely to have medical practice experience, nor will they manage your directory listings, so it’s best to choose one dedicated to healthcare. 

Medical Advantage has expanded its services into practice marketing by acquiring iHealthSpot – a digital marketing firm serving medical practices. We offer an all-in-one practice marketing package that it attracts and engages new patients every month. Our PPC experts set the budget that’s best for you and your specific market, so you don’t overspend or underspend to meet your goals. 

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