Social Media for Medical Practices: Increase Awareness & Build Community

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Infographics, Practice Services

This infographic, Social Media for Medical Practices: Increase Awareness and Build Community is adapted from our latest blog post, Social Media for Healthcare: A Powerful Communications Tool.

Social Media for Medical Practices Infographic

Social media is used for amusement, but it’s really built for promotion, and can fortify your medical practice brand. Effective social media pages nurture relationships with patients, build brand awareness, and influence followers with credible information. Patient satisfaction and loyalty is channeled to a public space where it bolsters your online reputation. Through consistent effort, your medical practice can reap the rewards of social media engagement.

5 Core Functions of Social Media for Healthcare

  • Educate and curb misinformation – 60% patients trust their doctors over other social media sources.
  • Put out urgent or crisis communications
  • Carry out community outreach
  • Maintain Public Relations
  • Respond to direct inquiries (customer service)

5 Tips for Social Media Impact

  • Post familiar faces: Audiences love to see photos of staff members and celebrate big news.
  • Create videos: Videos get more engagement. Using this format, patients are more likely to listen to your message.
  • Post consistently: Plan out your content to ensure you have posts coming out weekly.
  • Fun and games: Humor, quizzes, contests, and games engage the audience.
  • Ask patients to follow your accounts: Growing an audience is key to social success.

Factoid in the semi-circle “60% of doctors believe that their participation in social media has improved patient care.”

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