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Solving Technical Challenges in the Clinical Environment

by | Apr 28, 2020

At a time when all aspects of our lives are increasingly dependent on reliable networks and technology, the medical community is struggling to keep up. How many times have you arrived at your office or clinic to discover that your fax machine cannot send outgoing messages, your tablet used to collect patient data has stopped communicating with the host server, no one can receive incoming emails, or any number of other issues related to your network? The challenges electronic health records and other technology can introduce to a clinical environment if not set up correctly can hamper productivity as well.

Unreliable technology costs us more than just headaches; it is a drain on resources. Employees spend valuable time trying to work out issues with their equipment and software, and patient care suffers while resources are devoted to fixing problems caused by cumbersome networks that seem cobbled together rather than designed for specific clinical needs. Worst of all, unreliable technology – or staff who are unequipped to properly use it – can present a danger to patients themselves.

Streamlining technology in clinical settings

These issues are particularly common and especially problematic for smaller clinical settings, where patient expectations are higher when it comes to detailed records. Medical Advantage recognizes that patients at their primary care offices or other small clinics expect practitioners to have a greater knowledge of their individual medical history and conditions than they do in larger operations, such as hospitals. This creates enormous pressure on businesses with fewer resources and makes streamlined electronic operations – especially EHRs – all the more important. What’s more, the EHR is increasingly becoming the best way to communicate health history and problems in emergency situations, with an enormous potential to save lives and improve outcomes – when used properly and accessed readily.

But there is an alternative to having your nurses and front-line staff needing to become crash-course experts in technology. Medical Advantage works closely with top medical information technology companies (such as NextGen®, eClicalWorks®, Allscripts® and others), and can provide our expertise to your small business. With Medical Advantage, it’s like having an in-office expert who provides personalized training for office staff and immediate, live support when issues do arise.

Unique service solutions for your unique practice

Because Medical Advantage has longstanding expertise in serving ambulatory clinical settings, our business model is predicated on accommodating unique practices and their unique needs. Our working relationship begins with a thorough understanding of your practice – your services, patient-base, current technological status, and needs. Our team then builds a program and set of services designed to meet your needs and streamline your processes, applying not only to EHRs, but also inter- and intra-office network needs. We have spent two decades operating on this model and have helped hundreds of clinics and thousands of clinicians maximize the patient experience and focus on their real jobs – caring for patients’ individual healthcare issues.

Add a trusted partner to your team

Medical Advantage uses this individualized approach to not only set your clinic up for success, but also to ensure its ongoing success through continued monitoring, updating, and education. We handle necessary and idealized changes to software and hardware, keeping pace with the ever-evolving field and how it applies to small settings. We provide continuing education when major changes are necessary for your clinic to continue running smoothly without issue and deliver the very best inpatient care. In short, Medical Advantage takes the technological burden off your shoulders and gives you and your staff the tools you need to provide the very best, most efficient, and most effective care possible.

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Maximize Practice Performance Through EHR Optimization

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