Financial Dashboards

Healthcare is complicated, but your reporting doesn't have to be.


Automated financial dashboards designed to improve your practice's performance. Built for group practices, MSOs, and Private Equity firms, our financial dashboards consolidate practice data into easy-to-use reports - without the burden of manual report assembly. Eliminate inefficiencies, benchmark your performance, and capitalize on best practices. All with the click of a button. 
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Enable Data-Driven Solutions


Fluid Integration of Diverse Data Sources


Customizable Dashboard Layouts


Experienced Healthcare Analytics & Consulting

Our Financial Dashboard Solution

  • Automated, intuitive reports give you the metrics your organization needs to make effective management decisions and improve performance
  • Customized, scalable solution crafted for small to mid-size organizations to provide enterprise-level quality and sophistication at cost-efficient ROI
  • Industry-leading experts in assessing, analyzing, and developing comprehensive user-friendly reporting for the medical practice data that healthcare managers need
  • Tailored technology, templates, and displays for each client’s unique needs
  • Access to Medical Advantage healthcare consultant services to help your organization address and act upon findings in your dashboard data - including quality metric improvement, billing and revenue cycle management (RCM), EHR optimization, practice operations improvements and more 

Why Medical Advantage?

With 20+ years of experience assessing, analyzing, and reporting medical practice data, and an industry-leading technology stack we provide insights to drive your practice performance.

Our platform allows you to consolidate data from your diverse systems (financial reporting, productivity reports, EHR data) into an actionable, intuitive, and user-friendly reporting dashboard to better inform your business decisions.

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