Healthcare Analytics​ Solutions

In support of driving positive outcomes across populations, expertise in Healthcare IT systems, data management, and analytics are key. Our multi-disciplinary team of IT, health informatics and data scientists brings years of experience building and supporting healthcare analytics and reporting solutions.

Our services are flexible and priced to suit the needs of regional payers, local hospital-based health plans, physician practices, and health departments. Capabilities include:​

IT Capabilities​

  • Assessments - data capabilities and IT infrastructure​
  • Design, implementation, and support of healthcare IT systems, data marts, data warehouses, applications, and portals​
  • Data integration and management for a variety of data types and sources​
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) data extraction  ​
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) - data exchange between providers and HIE systems​
  • Hosting analytic dashboards solutions​



Informatics and Analytics Capabilities ​

  • Assessments - Current reporting inventory and capabilities ​
  • Healthcare administrative analytics – medical and pharmacy claims, laboratory, surveillance data, and others​
  • Clinical – EHR based analytics and reporting ​
  • Risk Adjustment and quality gaps reporting  ​
  • Population health analytic and reporting (cost, use, condition-specific, and risk) ​
  • Analysis and management of public health surveillance data​
  • Building clinical analytics data solutions​
  • Building physician and practice profiles
  • Data visualization and dashboarding​
  • Development and implementation of physician attribution methodologies​
  • Design and implementation of incentive distribution models​
  • Predictive modeling ​
  • Value-based care program design consulting and support ​

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