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Clinical Data Strategies

To Build High Performing Practices

Medical Advantage works with health plans, delivery systems, and providers to improve care, and attain success in value-based healthcare. Our years of experience, data-driven strategies and in-person approach have helped health plans build a bridge to engage their provider network to deliver better care and outcomes. We'll deliver a win-win plan that helps you increase your HEDIS and Star ratings, improves provider relationships, and accelerate your success in value-based care.


A Bridge Between Health Plan and Provider

Our team has experience working for health plans and in physician practices and understands the complexities of provider relationships. Our goal is to improve patient experience, population health, and care efficiencies with an actionable win-win plan for payers and providers.

Onsite Healthcare Consulting

Our practice transformation coaches work in the practice as trusted advisors to help providers adapt to industry changes, and stay profitable, while still focusing on their patients. We've walked side-by-side with hundreds of providers to simplify the maze of complex insurance policies, convoluted government legislation, and stacks of patient records. Our deep experience in value-based healthcare combined with hands-on coaching drives meaningful improvement in patient care and health outcomes while attaining optimal financial performance for the practice and the health plan. The coach is focused on making the practice and health plan successful in their shared goals.

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value-based health care

Proven Success Through Hands-On Support

We consistently create positive ROI for our clients. We've proven that—with hands-on support—practices can experience transformation that will enable long-term success:

value-based health care
change in quality performance for 900 network physicians
value-based health care
patient gaps in care closed
value-based health care
we return $2 for every dollar spent on our services
value-based health care
medical spend reduction

Help Your Network Providers

Build a High-Performing Practice

Our practice transformation coaches help providers put capabilities into place that improve care quality and efficiency, while decreasing the cost-of-care.
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We align with leading health care industry organizations to enhance our offerings. These partnerships help us deliver outstanding support to health care providers in your network.

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