Your trusted partner for EHR client migration

With a competitive landscape in the electronic health records market, many firms have difficulty with agility and scaling. To stay competitive, you need to roll out new product lines and provide excellent customer service.

Let our certified electronic health record consultants help you deliver the vital in-practice or remote EHR implementation, training, and migration services to accelerate your next product launch.

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EHR Migration Services

New version? New features? No problem. Our experts can help create a seamless user experience and rollout that safely migrates the clients EHR to your new software.
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EHR Planning & Implementation

Not sure how to roll out your next version, or need insight into what features and tools are needed in-practice? Let our team of EHR experts develop a personalized implementation plan tailored to the needs of your business
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In-Practice Migration Support

Need to supplement your existing team for a rollout? Our scalable solution and expertise allow us to solve problems of all sizes.

EHR Migration Services

Our experienced team understands the complexities of EHR software and can assist vendors with migrations of all sizes. We are committed to a seamless migration process that mitigates risk and meets industry compliance standards — without sacrificing your customer’s user experience.

With our trusted advisors, your team can strategically migrate clients from a wide range of sources. Medical Advantage has migrated client bases for multiple large-scale EHR companies; in one project alone, Medical Advantage migrated nearly 1,000 organizations across the country. Whether you’re launching a new product or upgrading to a new version, our team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

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EHR Implementation and Planning

We assist EHR vendors with the development of full-scale project plans for the rollout of new EHR products and versions. Each EHR implementation plan is customized to your unique business needs and the changing needs of the healthcare market.

Medical Advantage’s advisors give valuable insight into the features and tools companies expect of their EHR software. We are here to guide EHR vendors through product line development to launch, with a focus on client retention and relationship building.

Work with our team to rollout your product seamlessly to increase customer satisfaction and engagement with your product. Our expertise is in software sunset project design and consulting to assist organizations in developing a rollout plan that engages customers and drives client retention while reducing costs.

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In-Practice EHR Migration Support

We have a large team that can supplement your staff for rollouts – no matter the scale. Our service delivery model gives us the agility to provide multiple teams focused on different projects. Whether you’re a small EHR software provider or a large EHR vendor, Medical Advantage has a scalable solution to meet your needs.

With more than 20 years of in-practice support for providers, we know the ins and outs of user experience. Let us apply our expertise to your EHR migration challenge.

Partner with Medical Advantage to migrate your clients from the soon-to-be sunset software to your EHR product of the future. We have a proven track record when it comes to migrating a large base of clients focusing on client retention, cost, and efficiency.

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Improve Your EHR Migration with Medical Advantage

Medical Advantage is an industry leader in software end-of-life migrations. We focus on client retention, relationship building, and providing high-level IT consulting above all else — and live by the budget. Our commitment to quality EHR migration services has allowed us to migrate 1,000 independent practices, assist multiple EHR vendors with client base migration, and provide full-scale strategic implementation plans supporting new product rollouts.

Unlike many competitors, Medical Advantage doesn’t just staff your project — we manage the entire EHR migration process, freeing up valuable internal resources. We’ll handle everything from project design and implementation from kick-off to go-live.

Our certified EHR consultants can help you get the most from your technology investment.