Telehealth Consulting Services

Medical Advantage telehealth consultants help you quickly launch and operationalize a telehealth program that engages patients and simplifies virtual patient visits – minimizing patient and provider exposure, and ensuring your patients receive the care they need, while your providers remain HIPAA compliant and are able to be reimbursed for their services.

Our Services

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Technology Selection

  • Assist practice in selecting appropriate telehealth technology
  • Assess use of telehealth module in the practice EHR
  • Provide guidance in selecting a standalone telehealth solution
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Technology Set Up

  • Setup and Installation of software
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Custom configuration and settings
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Telehealth Staff Training

  • Best practice training for telehealth implementation and use
  • Review of common issues and how to resolve them
  • Role-play, practice sessions prior to going live with patients
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Office Staff Engagement

  • Set goals and objectives of the telehealth capability
  • Overview capabilities and approved use
  • Facilitate communication and alignment throughout the practice
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    Scheduling Best Practices

    • Individual training for office scheduler
    • Setting proper expectations with patients
    • Pre-visit preparations
    • Recommended visit types – best suited for Telehealth
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    Telehealth Documentation

    • Tipsheets and instructions of how to use the solution
    • Checklists for common Telehealth scenarios
    • FAQ guides for patients and staff
    • Guides for staff to help patients with the use of the technology
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      Promotion to Patients

      • Recommendations on patient communication
      • Outreach campaigns and office signage
      • Enabling text, patient portal and automated voice messaging
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      Billing and Coding Advice

      • Training for billing staff within the practice
      • Documentation requirements for proper reimbursement
      • Overview of proper codes used for Telehealth visits

      Client Testimonials

      Medical Advantage got on the phone with us at 7:30 am, and by 8:30 am we were rolling out telehealth to our patients, with 89% participation.

      Flint, MI Primary Care Practice

      We’re a 400-provider organization, and Medical Advantage got us up and running with a telehealth pilot in a day and a half – 12 working hours.

      Miami, FL Multi-Clinic Practice

      Medical Advantage did a truly amazing job pulling out information from our EHR – now with our Accounts Receivable we can see exactly what we’ve got and bill accordingly.

      9-location NJ Specialist Practice

      Our telehealth consultants help you quickly launch and operationalize a telehealth program.