The Complete Medical Practice Digital Marketing Success Blueprint

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With This eBook, You’ll Learn About:

The Importance of a Medical Practice Website

Your website is your central touchpoint on the web to engage with your customers. Learn how to build, optimize, and market your practice’s website.

Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use For Growth

Pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and many other digital tools to help market your website can be complex. We help demystify them for you.

Engaging Patients Before They Step Foot In Your Practice

Social media and reputation management can be essential tools for communicating your practice’s value and building patient confidence – all before they even step foot in your practice.

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Peek Inside Our Medical Practice Marketing Guide

Here’s a sneak preview into our guide for marketing your healthcare practice. In these pages is everything you need to start putting together your very own medical marketing strategy.  

01: Why Medical Practices are Investing in Digital Marketing 

Your practice’s marketing efforts impact the choices made by potential patients – this can either work for or against you. Learn why practices invest in digital marketing, and how patients are shifting away from insurance referrals and towards online search results when deciding where to go for care. 

02: The Alignment of the Patient Journey and Digital Marketing 

Patient experience is the foremost consideration when developing your website design or marketing campaign. Understanding your target audience and their digital patient journey better informs your marketing campaigns and efforts 

03: What’s in Your Toolbox? Online Practice Essentials 

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, managing online reviews, and optimizing landing pages on your website are one of many tools in your medical practice marketing toolbox. Some you may already be using now, but what could you consider adding? 

04: Medical Practice Marketing Infrastructure for Optimal Online Presence 

The greater your online presence, the easier it is for patients to find you on the internet. Ensure this is optimized with our digital marketing checklist! Steps include claiming and completing your Google My Business profile, optimizing website landing pages, and much more.  

05: Visibility Drivers: Short-Term and Long-Term Marketing 

There are different kinds of healthcare practice marketing campaigns to grow your reach online. Learn what tools are at your disposal for both the long and short-term.  

06: Pay to Play – Paid Search & Paid Social 

Paid search helps you dominate local search in Google, but you also have the option of social media ads for cost-effective and precisely targeted campaigns. Not everyone can afford pay-per-click ads, but Facebook ads are a more economical platform for recruiting potential patients online.  

07: What Is Organic Visibility & How Does It Compare to Paid Ads 

Get a crash course on how search engine optimization works and how the simple act of publishing regular blog posts can help your practice’s visibility online. Improving your rankings on keywords relevant to your practice can help maximize your content marketing power as you compete for the top spots in Google search results. 

08: The Best Way to Build Patient Confidence: Online Ratings & Reviews Management 

Learn how powerful the influence of online reviews is in promoting patient confidence in your practice. You may have assumed that you have no control over your online reputation, but there are several ways to be proactive in protecting your brand. 

09: Optimized Directory Listings – Better Visibility + Better Patient Experience 

Having your medical practice included in all relevant online listings can help improve visibility and patient experience. While patients more often use Google search as a primary resource, learn why online directories still matter. 

10: Social Media Converts Patient Satisfaction into New Patient Attraction Power and More 

Today’s modern patient expects providers to have a social media presence. Expressing your practice’s personality through social media helps patients familiarize themselves with who you are. Learn how social media captures the most positive of patient experience sentiments and how this can convince new potential patients to choose you.  

11: Plan for Success with SMART Goals 

Any successful marketing campaign is based on successful goal setting. Having clearly defined goals in the beginning helps keep your efforts on track and helps protect your investment.  

12: Digital Marketing Works – Medical Practice Success Examples to Inspire Goal Setting 

Be inspired by three real-life examples of medical practices, just like yours, that used these SMART goals to grow their practice. 

13: Stay the Course – Ongoing Performance Tracking & Scheduled Monthly Check-Ins 

Any successful marketing campaign relies upon regular check-ins. Learn what metrics you should track to monitor the performance of your marketing efforts. Marketing is an investment, so be sure you see returns! 

14: Slow and Steady Wins the Race – Consistency Protects Your Investment 

In highly competitive environments, consistency in your marketing efforts is what helps you win over new patients. To see real growth and results, you must invest in digital marketing faithfully over time. 

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