Accelerating Success in Healthcare Through In-Practice and Virtual Support

Our dedicated team of expert healthcare and digital health advisors work hand-in-hand with large practices, physician groups, private equity, healthcare systems and more to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

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Who We Serve

Our team hails from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a diverse array of healthcare viewpoints and skillsets. This enables us to serve and deliver results for a variety of communities within healthcare.

Physician Practices

The heart and soul of healthcare, helping physicians improve care and profitability is a top priority.

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Let us help specialist group navigate its particular challenges.


Navigate the complex FQHC regulatory landscape while delivering quality care.

Private Equity

Private equity and healthcare are a natural match. We help bridge the gap.

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Physician Groups

We engage your group’s network – to improve performance in operations and contracts.

Health Plans

Our team’s billing, IT, and in-practice support help your health plan and its member practices succeed.

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Behavioral Health Providers

Manage rapid changes in this landscape with a seasoned healthcare consulting Firm

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Nurse Practitioners

NP Advantage: Everything you need to kickstart your Nurse Practitioner Business.

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Healthcare Consulting

Our consulting for both private equity groups and medical practices facilitates a more effective business relationship benefiting all stakeholders.

Healthcare Technology

Our healthcare technology consultants help you implement, optimize, and launch systems with ease to help improve your practice.

Healthcare Analytics

Take control of your data and take control of your organization. Discover how our healthcare analytics solutions can improve profitability and productivity.

About Medical Advantage

Medical Advantage is an innovator within the TDC Group of companies for maximizing health plan and physician clinical and financial performance.

Medical Advantage’s hands-on, value-based healthcare, electronic health record (EHR), and telehealth consulting services provide practices, health plans, private equity and delivery systems of all sizes with customized, actionable solutions to decrease the cost of care and improve quality.

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Physician Owned, $6B Enterprise

National Presence Serving 100,000 Physicians.

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Industry Leading Value-Based Care Experts

Robust skills and experience engaging physician practices to accelerate outcomes.

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Healthcare Data Analytics

Data-driven approach identifies opportunities to impact care.

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Proven Tools and Methodologies

Proprietary best practice toolkit and methods based on 25 years of experience.

Proven Success Through Hands-On Support

Our consultants are experienced healthcare professionals with a track record of delivering clients results. Read for yourself.

Medical Advantage did a truly amazing job pulling out invisible information from our EHR – now with our Accounts Receivable we can see exactly what we’ve got and bill accordingly.

A Nine-location New Jersey specialist practice

To drive efficiency, we are focused on strategic and valuable productivity measures that we need to capitalize on. Especially in light of the pandemic, we have the opportunity to refocus and recalibrate.

Atlantic Street Capital

Having access to the Power BI Platform through our partnership with Medical Advantage has given us tremendous insights and advantage to accelerate growth.

Ortho Bethesda

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