Supporting Operational Excellence and Accelerating Financial Performance In Healthcare

Medical Advantage has 25+ years of experience managing cost and quality for clinician practices with a hands-on, clinician-centric approach that drives positive return on investment. By unifying disparate data sources, activating technology, and optimizing contracts and fee schedules, our 200+ healthcare experts help medical practices achieve their operational and financial goals. 

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Who We Serve

From consulting to technology and analytics, we provide a full suite of healthcare solutions that can be tailored to meet each practice’s unique needs. Our dedicated team of expert healthcare and digital health advisors work hand-in-hand with large practices, physician groups, private equity, healthcare systems and more to improve clinical and financial outcomes. 

Physician Practices

The heart and soul of healthcare, helping physicians improve care and profitability is a top priority.
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Specialist groups have unique challenges – we know how to address them and drive patient acquisition.


Helping FQHCs navigate the complex regulatory landscape so they can focus on delivering quality care.

Private Equity

Private equity and healthcare are a natural match. We help bridge the gap.
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Physician Groups

We engage your group’s network – to improve performance in operations and contracts.

Health Plans

Our team’s billing, IT, and in-practice support help your health plan and its member practices succeed.
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Behavioral Health Providers

Manage rapid changes in this landscape with a seasoned healthcare consulting firm

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Nurse Practitioners

NP Advantage: Everything you need to kickstart your independent Nurse Practitioner Business.

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EHR Consulting

EHR consulting and training digitalizes your practice, simplifies EHR workflows, and reduces clicks so providers can focus on patient care. 

Practice Consulting

Our consulting for both private equity groups and medical practices facilitates a more effective business relationship benefiting all stakeholders. 

Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare solutions harness data-driven analytics to optimize marketing, pinpoint growth opportunities, and provide integrated intelligence insights.

About Medical Advantage

We understand healthcare operations and software optimization and put the right team in place to help healthcare organizations achieve operational and financial success. With expertise on best practices and industry benchmarks, our consultants provide the support that clinicians need to enhance performance and achieve long-term growth. 

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Our Proven Model

We understand healthcare operations and software optimization, and put the right team in place to achieve operational and financial success.

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Clinician-Centric Approach

With expertise on operational best practices and industry benchmarks, we help clinicians enhance performance and achieve their long-term growth goals.

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Patient Acquisition and Engagement

From digital strategies to workflows that support the care journey, our solutions help practices attract and retain patients.

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Access To Industry Leading Data and Benchmarking

Data-driven insights that go beyond CMS coding data to improve patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

Proven Success Through Hands-On Support

Our consultants are experienced healthcare professionals with a track record of delivering clients results. Read for yourself.

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