EHR Training & Support

Specialized Training and Support for your practice’s EHR

Beyond Go-Live and Optimization, Medical Advantage provides EHR training and support with our U.S.-based team of EHR experts. Whether you need in-practice EHR training, a remote team for on-demand EHR assistance, you’ve started participating in a new federal program or new Value-Based contract and aren’t sure how to optimize your EHR to make the most of your work, or you need a liaison to serve as your local advocates to interface with your EHR vendor, we’re here to help.

Doctor speaking with consultant
Doctor speaking with medical consultant

EHR Training Experience

    We work with you toward Go-Live and beyond. Our certified EHR trainers conduct training of your staff at your location, on a schedule that works for your practice. This same team designing your implementation and training will also be there for you after launch, for follow-up questions and ongoing support. Our team is available for additional education as needed. Whether it’s training on a new capability or EHR module, or educating new members joining your office staff, or further training your existing staff, our experts are available and can help. Beyond formal in-practice training, we also have a library of tutorial videos, recorded training webinars, tip sheets, and other self-support tools available.

    EHR Support Experience

    Our team of experts can remote into your system, give workflow advice, answer questions relating to tool capabilities, and provide service for common support requests such as password resets, user account administration, and initial communication on any application performance issues.

    We also provide liaison assistance with vendor technical support staff, acting as your local advocates and experts who represent you while interfacing with the EHR vendor’s technical experts to answer, correct or resolve any higher-level technical assistance you may require. In addition, we provide a library of tutorials, tip sheets and a knowledgebase with self-service tools.

    Reporting and Billing Advisory Support Service

    Medical Advantage has EHR specialists who concentrate on payer reporting and incentive programs including CPC+ MACRA/MIPS, as well as programs from commercial payers. We will work with your practice, understand the key measures specific to your operation and tailor your EHR to properly capture and report data. Beyond the EHR tool, we will train your front office staff on proper billing and coding procedures to improve billing submission quality and increase your performance in payer reimbursement programs.

    Doctor on computer
    Doctor working on computer

    Our EHR Support and Training Team

    We’re here to help:

    • Train your staff.
    • Help you succeed in Value-Based contracts.
    • Answer questions and provide on-demand support.
    • Act as your advocate with your EHR vendor.
    • Train your staff on proper billing and coding procedures.
    • Provide expertise and advice on payer reporting and incentive programs.
    • Develop additional tailored solutions that may benefit your practice.

    Partnering with Medical Advantage to improve your EHR will establish a long-term management solution for your practice or organization. We’ve spent more than two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care quality, administrative efficiency, sustainable profitability, and regulatory compliance. As a partner in optimizing the EHR for your practice, Medical Advantage gives you the unique benefit of applying a seasoned medical point-of-view to a technology project.


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