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Agile Training Solutions to Keep Your Organization on the Right Track 

With robust EHR training, organizations get the most from technology tools and staff talent. With training from our expert specialists, your teams are equipped to pursue operational excellence, leaving no room for compromise in training preparedness.  

Doctor speaking with consultant
Doctor speaking with medical consultant

With So Much in Flux, EHR Training Experts Are Your Trusted Allies 

    In healthcare, constant change is a guarantee. Changes in government regulations, staff turnover, shifts in organizational needs, and major updates to the EHR keep everyone on their toes.  

    Our EHR training solutions are here to help your organization meet standards, improve workforce satisfaction, and swiftly adapt to shifts in staffing. Neglecting EHR training carries much risk, and with our solutions, this does not have to happen. 

    Do You Need Help With… 

    • Increased onboarding due to rapid growth 
    • Interim training while recruiting new FTE trainers 
    • EHR implementation training  
    • Updating training manuals 
    • Updating new user training programs  
    • Implementing major updates with EHR software 

    Our EHR software training specialists do all this and more, including efficiency tips and tricks, favorites, macros, keywords, progress notes, and templates 

    Flexibility That Meets the Demands of a Diverse Healthcare Landscape 

    What your organization needed five years ago probably does not match your current reality and will likely change in the future. To make our solutions customizable, we offer three kinds of training support: 

    1. On-demand video – Prerecorded training resources are accessible on-demand to conduct training whenever needed 
    2. Train the trainer – All-encompassing EHR training for your super user(s) so that they can be your on-site training resource 
    3. On-site or remote live training sessions – Interactive training of teams where attendees can reinforce instruction through asking questions 

    Which Training Solution is Best for Your Organization? 

    Our consultants will work with you to find the best training solutions for your organization. In the meantime, there are some things to consider: 

    • On-demand video has a shelf life – You can get a lot of mileage out of a reusable video and even make it part of your central training materials. But at some point, the information it contains will become outdated or obsolete. 
    • Train the trainer carries a risk – Investing in a super user can be lost in turnover, especially when such skills are sought after by recruiters. 
    • Live training sessions – While it may sound more expensive at first glance, in the long run, short-term training typically provides training at a lower cost compared to a long-term, in-house full-time trainer. 
    Doctor working on computer

    Top-Tier EHR Training from Seasoned Healthcare Experts 

    What makes Medical Advantage EHR training an exceptional value is who delivers the training. Our talent pool is comprised of seasoned EHR support specialists with broad experience with all the major EHR software brands who want to apply their rich knowledge to training services. Why? Because our teams deeply understand the significance of training to promote compliance and uphold standards, assure care quality, avoid costly mistakes, and reduce staff burnout.  

    Training is an opportune way for our organization to fulfil our mission to propel healthcare organizations toward their goals. With Medical Advantage, you won’t end up with just any trainer – you will work with the most capable people in the industry. 

    Our staff can train at multiple levels of licensure and stature. When it comes to training your workforce, we have you covered.  

    Beyond Training: What EHR Training and Support Can Do for Your Organization 

    Training is just one way to optimize your healthcare operations. You can also count on us to:  

    • Develop personalized solutions to benefit your practice  
    • Advocate for you with your EHR vendor  
    • Be available for on-demand support and assistance  
    • Ensure success in Value-Based Care (VBC) contracts  
    • Offer expertise on payer reporting and incentive programs 
    • Fine-tune your reporting, including improved navigation, custom reporting, more efficient report views and report scheduling 

      EHRs can make healthcare more complicated, but our solutions are your escape from many common challenges. We’re here to minimize operations disruption while providing enhancements for long-term success. 

      Seasoned EHR Training Experts 

      We’ve spent more than two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care, quality, administrative efficiency, profitability, and compliance.  

      Our training specialists can apply a seasoned medical point-of-view to your healthcare analytics solution and deliver ongoing support to meet your unique needs. 

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