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Case Study | EHR FQHC Consulting for UDS Reporting

Our Client Results / EHR A Tall Order with a Tight Deadline: Medical Advantage Tackles an FQHC’s UDS Reporting Challenge Results Leveraging our deep expertise in healthcare data management and EHR systems, we developed a tailored solution that enabled the efficient...

athenahealth and MIPS: Considerations for Your Practice 

athenahealth's suite of services is designed to simplify healthcare delivery, and when it comes to MIPS, they have developed robust tools that enable practices to efficiently track quality metrics. Their comprehensive EHR, RCM, and patient engagement software and...

8 Key EHR Help Desk Tips for Better Support

8 Key EHR Help Desk Tips for Better Support

Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is the hub of your practice. However, it is also a common source of end-user frustration as the amount of time spent on EHR tasks siphons time to spend with patients. Studies show that clinicians spend as much time entering...

Does Your EHR System Need an Expert to Bring it to Full Potential?

Elevating Care: Benefits of EHRs For Patients 

Electronic health records (EHRs) are a digital and portable version of a patient’s health records. System benefits to patients include encouraging timely preventative care, improving care coordination, personalizing treatment plans, and enhancing clinical data...

What is EHR Interoperability? 

Electronic health record (EHR) interoperability refers to the ability of different EHR systems to communicate and exchange patient information seamlessly. Through interoperability, healthcare providers can gain access to patient health information, regardless of the...

What You Need to Know About EHR Integration 

Millions of bits of data flood the electronic health record (EHR) space, and that number will inevitably rise. Every provider-patient interaction produces new data within the EHR. How well this data is managed determines how well end users can access data pertinent to...

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Expert Insights from Years of EHR Consulting Experience

From all the lessons learned from dealing with a variety of EHR systems in a multitude of healthcare settings, our seasoned experts want to make the best use of this knowledge by sharing it with you through our EHR blog. After performing hundreds of EHR implementations and optimizations, our consultants have identified the most reliable best practices for: 

  • Interoperability of health information 
  • Patient engagement and portal experience strategies 
  • Training strategies 
  • Staff buy-in strategies 
  • Staff burnout prevention 

About Medical Advantage 

For over two decades, Medical Advantage has worked with healthcare organizations across the United States to make the delivery of ambulatory healthcare services more efficient and better optimized. Our mission is to simplify the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare with a range of technological and consultative solutions.  

Our service and solution portfolio includes (but is not limited to): 

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Comprehensive consultations are given by our teams both virtually and in-person – aimed at improving physician performance, driving optimal patient care outcomes, and increasing value-based care revenue. Our consultants have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of organizations – Including practices, systems, and large groups – to increase clinical, financial, and technological performance. 

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