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Make Your EHR Work for You, Not Against You

With an optimized Electronic Health Record process, you cut hours spent on documentation, reduce revenue loss, and provide first-rate care to patients. Avoid EHR fatigue and burnout with a new-and-improved EHR coordinated by experts who are with you step-by-step through the transformation process.

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Shaping Up Your EHR Begins with a Diagnosis. Is Your Organization Experiencing Any of These Symptoms?

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Decreased Revenue

Without an EHR workflow tailored to your practice, claims and other data won’t move efficiently through the system.

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Low Productivity

Your EHR is the heart of practice and clinical operations – when it’s not optimized, productivity can suffer.

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Lack of Interoperability

When your Electronic Health Records system isn’t properly set up, standardization and interoperability will be reduced.

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Worsened Performance

Without an EHR workflow tailored to your practice, claims and other data won’t move efficiently through the system.

Revitalize Your Organization by Investing in Your EHR

Imagine an EHR built with your success in mind. Have a look at what’s in store for your operations:


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More Time for Patients

An enhanced and more workflow-tailored EHR improves care quality by reducing the need for frustrating documentation and allowing for more patient-focused time.

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Improved Reimbursement

Stop income losses with proper reporting within your EHR system that makes it easier to receive your hard-earned reimbursement for care delivered.

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Happier Staff

A blend of training, system customization, and data integration – as well as our EHR consultants working alongside your team – all work to reduce staff and leadership burnout.

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On-Demand Support

Our EHR consultant team isn’t successful if you are not successful. With EHR Helpdesk on-demand support responding to your EHR requests, you are never on your own.

Consultants With EHR, IT, and Healthcare Experience

With over two decades working in the healthcare space, we’ve made improvements in patient care quality, administrative efficiency, and profitability and ensured compliance and we’ll do the same for you.

What makes the Medical Advantage team different from other IT consultants? Our experts hail from a variety of backgrounds, both in the IT and healthcare space. Many of our consultants have worked in the care-delivery world themselves, and once stood in the shoes of the people they now work to support.

Our EHR consultants are here for you and dedicated to understanding each facet of your practice and EHR system. Whether you need help migrating to a new version, optimizing your current EHR, or unlocking improved workflows to reduce clicks and maximize your practice revenue – we are here to help meet your goals. Our EHR consultants leverage a deep knowledge of EHR systems and the latest in training to tailor your Electronic Health Records system to improve your practice’s performance.

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of overdue alerts

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increase in patient portal engagement

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of lab results open for 7+ days

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increase in patient visits

Our practice’s transition to a new EHR system was smooth and successful from day one thanks to Medical Advantage’s on-site support. From training in advance to expert on-site assistance during the day of go-live, our staff was immediately comfortable with our new system thanks to Medical Advantage’s caring team of experts. 

– Operations Director, Multi-Location Gastroenterology Practice

Ever since Medical Advantage helped tailor our EHR interface to be less confusing and more intuitive, our practice is running much more efficiently. Our physicians are happier and more productive now that they’re spending less time on documentation, and more time with patients.

- Office Manager, Multi-Location Family Medicine Practice

Medical Advantage’s deep understanding of not only our EHR system, but also our day-to-day workflow, provides our staff with a holistic support solution. Unlike other helpdesk options, it was clear that Medical Advantage understood both the technicalities of our EHR program as well as the realities of the way practices operate.

- Chief Medical Officer, ENT Specialty Practice

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Read Our EHR Optimization eBook

Get a sneak preview into our guide for optimizing your EHR. In these pages is everything you need to create an optimization plan and improve your practice operations.   

EHR Consulting Services

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EHR Optimization

Your practice. Your workflow. Our customized solutions.

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EHR Migration

If you’ve exhausted your options with your EHR and are ready to migrate to a new solution, our experts can make the process seamless and pain-free.

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Go-Live Support

We listen, then develop a personalized implemention to suit the needs of your practice.

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EHR Training and Support

Your in-house expert, we help you optimize workflows, leverage new tools, and provide ongoing technical support.

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EHR Helpdesk

Our EHR Helpdesk offers on-demand Q&A support, along with “how-to” advice for simple EHR requests.

Flexible Timing

Whether you’re carefully planning for the future or need our team to start right away – we can meet your timelines.

Flexible Engagements

The flexibility you need. We can help across multiple locations in large practice groups, or keep the scope small to fit within your budget.

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Systems Expertise

No matter what EHR you are using, our consultants have a deep understanding.

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