Care Management Services for Medical Practices

Improve Engagement and Outcomes For High-Risk Patient Populations 

To improve patient care, Medical Advantage provides dedicated Care Management resources as an extension of your practice staff. These additional resources assist practices in leveraging Medicare reimbursements to keep services budget neutral and prevent up-front costs. In many instances, practices are paid surplus reimbursement funds.

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Care Management Solutions That Benefit All Stakeholders

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Patient Outreach

Regular patient outreach and interventions help practices maintain better care and outcomes for high-risk patients.

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Dedicated RN Resources

Our team provides support and consulting, providing dedicated RNs to improve patient care and optimize outcomes. 

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Telehealth Engagement

Monthly telehealth engagement helps your practice manage prescriptions, educate patients, and coordinate patient care.

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EHR Documentation

Every visit is securely and accurately documented in your EHR system, to ensure proper coding and management of patient data.

Benefits of Care Management

Dedicated Care Management services are proven to positively improve  patient care. Some of the more notable improvements include: 

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Increased Compliance

Improve patient adherence to medication, vaccine compliance, management of chronic conditions, and overall patient satisfaction.

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Reduced Hospital Visits

Educate and empower high-risk patients to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmission and urgent facility usage.

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Strengthened Patient Education

Accessible educational resources for patients improve adherence to treatment plans and patient care knowledge.

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Improved Patient Engagement

User-friendly technology invests patients in their own care plans, increasing engagement rates.

Improve Outcomes For High-Risk Patients With Our Dedicated Care Management Services for Medical Practices

Medical Advantage provides best-in-class Care Management. It is proven that chronic care management lowers healthcare costs, improves patient outcomes and increases patient engagement for annual wellness visits, flu shots, and preventative treatments to reduce overall healthcare cost and keep high-risk patients out of the hospital. Reach out to our experts to learn more today. 

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