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Supporting Behavioral Health – More Important than Ever

Behavioral Health is having a moment: after longer seen as secondary to physical care, mental health is becoming more and more of a focus – and after a particularly stressful period brought on by the pandemic, providers are grappling with levels of patient influx never before seen. Medical Advantage is here to help you succeed in this new environment, and support your Behavioral Health organization the same it supports patients.

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Handling Rapid Growth and New Patient Influx

More than ever, patients nationwide are finding themselves turning to Behavioral Health providers more and more, resulting in lucrative new opportunities to provide care and generate revenue – that is, if providers are properly equipped to handle the influx. Medical Advantage can offer consulting on all aspects of practice operations to help you scale your organization up, see more patients, improve more lives and generate more revenue.

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A Unique Area of Healthcare – and Workflows

Behavioral Health is unlike any other discipline of healthcare – and that means that the workflows, tools and technology used in this discipline are different as well. To avoid burnout, practices striving to be successful as behavioral health providers must address this reality by ensuring that their systems and procedures are up-to-date and in line with workflows.

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Connecting Private Equity and Behavioral Health Practices

As behavioral health takes off and operations are scaled up, investors are taking notice – and searching for ways to roll up behavioral health practices into consistent, standardized practice portfolios. Likewise, behavioral health groups themselves are seeking assistance merging with private equity groups and taking advantage of the resources they can offer. Medical Advantage’s consultants bridge the gap, creating solutions benefiting everyone.

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Your Partner in a Changing Behavioral Health Landscape

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a practice in the Behavioral Health industry, but the quick growth and rapid change can be overwhelming. Medical Advantage is your trusted partner amid this shifting market, providing the service, consulting, and technology solutions necessary to help you stay profitable and ahead of the curve.

Services for Behavioral Health Practices

Billing and Rev Cycle Management

Billing Solutions for Behavioral Health

The days of outdated billing codes for Behavioral Health are long gone. Our experts can help you make sense of new codes to get the most out of claims reimbursements.

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Scaling Up with the Right Technology Solutions

As Behavioral Health scales up rapidly to meet new demand, our team can make sure your EHR, telehealth and other tools are ready to work with you, not against you.

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Practice Marketing

Marketing Services

Take advantage of the wave of interest in Behavioral Health with our marketing services, to help you continue acquiring and retaining patients.

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Healthcare Dashboards

Healthcare Dashboards

Consolidate data and easily create reporting. Come to data driven decisions without hours of manual reporting.

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Flexible Timing

Whether you’re carefully planning for the future or need our team to start right away – we can meet your timelines.

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Flexible Engagements

The flexibility you need. We can help across multiple locations in large practice groups, or keep the scope small to fit within your budget.

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