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From payers to care providers, from the operating room to the boardroom – Medical Advantage understands all facets of healthcare. Our team hails from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a diverse array of healthcare viewpoints and skillsets. This enables us to serve and deliver results for a variety of communities within healthcare.

Physician Practices

The heart and soul of healthcare, helping physicians improve care and profitability is a top priority.

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Let us help specialist group navigate its particular challenges.


Navigate the complex FQHC regulatory landscape while delivering quality care.

Private Equity

Private equity and healthcare are a natural match. We help bridge the gap.

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Physician Groups

We engage your group’s network – to improve performance in operations and contracts.

Health Plans

Our team’s billing, IT, and in-practice support help your health plan and its member practices succeed.

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Behavioral Health Providers

Manage rapid changes in this landscape with a seasoned healthcare consulting Firm

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Nurse Practitioners

NP Advantage: Everything you need to kickstart your Nurse Practitioner Business.

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