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Building Sustainable Telehealth Programs that Simplify Virtual Patient Visits 

Medical Advantage telehealth consultants help minimize patient and provider exposure and maximize convenience – while ensuring your patients receive the care they need, and your providers stay HIPAA-compliant and are reimbursed for their services. 

Physician having a virtual Telehealth appointment with patient

Our Services

Technology Selection Icon

Technology Selection

We assist practices in selecting appropriate telehealth technology and assess use of telehealth modules in your practice EHR. 

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Technology Set Up

Setup and installation of software with customization, troubleshooting and support.  

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Telehealth Staff Training

Best practice training for telehealth implementation and use. Review common telehealth issues and how to resolve them. 

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Office Staff Engagement

Set goals and objectives of the telehealth capability. Facilitate communication and alignment throughout the practice. 

Scheduling Optimization Icon

Scheduling Optimization

Individual training for office schedulers to set proper expectations with patients and best practices for pre-visit preparations.

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Telehealth Documentation

Usage tipsheets and instructions, checklists for common telehealth scenarios, and FAQ guides for patients and staff.

Promotion to Patients

Promotion to Patients

Recommendations for patient communication best practices, to optimize telehealth engagement.

Billing and Coding advice icon

Billing and Coding Advice

Training for billing staff with documentation requirements to maximize telehealth reimbursement. Overview of proper codes used for telehealth visits.

Benefits of Telehealth Consulting

An optimized and efficient Telehealth system can positively impact all areas of a practice. Some of the more notable improvements include:

Rapid Telehealth System Implementation Icon

Rapid Telehealth System Implementation

Execute optimal solutions fast by utilizing expert guidance for implementation, training and management.

Optimize Telehealth Staff Onboarding Icon

Optimize Telehealth Staff Onboarding

Ensure staff is trained on patient education,  promotion and systems management.

Improve Patient Engagement Virtually Icon

Improve Patient Engagement Virtually

Connect with patients outside of office visits to keep patients invested in their health.

Simplify Virtual Patient Visits Icon

Simplify Virtual Patient Visits

Streamline virtual visits by utilizing a Telehealth solution that works for your practice.

Certified EHR Subject Matter Experts

We’ve spent more than two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care, quality, administrative efficiency, profitability and compliance.

Our consultants can apply a seasoned medical point-of-view and deliver ongoing support to your unique telehealth needs. We will help you optimize practice reimbursement, and drive practice revenue, through your telehealth offering.

Our consultants are dedicated to understanding each facet of telehealth for your practice. Whether you need help selecting a telehealth platform, implementing a new telehealth system, migrating to a new version, or optimizing your existing telehealth solution to maximize your practice revenue – we can help meet your goals. Our consultants know the ins-and-outs of telehealth systems and the latest in training to improve the performance of your practice.  

Client Testimonials

Medical Advantage got on the phone with us at 7:30 am, and by 8:30 am we were rolling out telehealth to our patients, with 89% participation.

Flint, MI Primary Care Practice

We’re a 400-provider organization, and Medical Advantage got us up and running with a telehealth pilot in a day and a half – 12 working hours.

Miami, FL Multi-Clinic Practice

Medical Advantage did a truly amazing job pulling out information from our EHR – now with our Accounts Receivable we can see exactly what we’ve got and bill accordingly.

9-location NJ Specialist Practice

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