Strategic Growth Expansion: Healthcare Private Equity Consulting

Elevate Your Healthcare Portfolio with Proven Growth Strategies

From HIPAA compliance to EHR system consolidation, staffing ratios and more, top healthcare private equity firms know that due diligence is essential for successful acquisitions. Strategic growth expansion helps private equity (PE) firms make decisions both pre- and post-purchase to standardize and consolidate practice operations, improve performance, and maximize revenue. It provides the guidance needed to manage risk and maximize profitability.   

Strategic Growth Management, private equity consulting

Foundations for Healthcare Private Equity Investment Success

With decades of industry experience, our healthcare private equity consultants offer unparalleled knowledge and broad support. Backed by The Doctor’s Company, the industry leader in medical malpractice insurance, we are a powerhouse consulting firm, propelling fine-tuned financial performance for healthcare businesses of all sizes. We are here to help bolster your portfolio and reputation as a savvy healthcare investor. 

Personalized Pre-Acquisition Analysis Aligned with Your Goals   

Medical Advantage provides consulting to private equity firms with all the experts under one roof, including consultants who provide an accurate data-based outlook, outline what must be fixed before the practice can be resold and know the ins and outs of the consumer healthcare market. To best manage your healthcare portfolio, our healthcare operations management teams put together a detailed to-do list, plus a complete action plan that best equips you to meet crucial medical business improvement targets.  

Pre-Purchase Validation

When we conduct a healthcare business investment gap analysis, we look for anything in the medical practice operations that are likely to have an impact on your profits. In many cases, this involves leveraging the strengths from each medical practice and applying them universally. 

We work diligently to draw the blueprint for an optimal blend of people, process, and technology. The scope of this analysis is tailored to your specific goals, with an assessment going only to the extent of your objectives. Factors that we investigate include: 

State of processed technology

State of Process and Technology – Systems Improvement

Boosting your investment’s business value and market share potential is our top priority. Our consultants look at everything from manual and redundant processes to siloed operations and workflow efficiency. From there, we will advise on standard operating procedures (SOPs) to create consistency across multiple practices to give an overall boost to operational performance. 

State of the people

State of People – Retaining the Patient Base and Talent

Staff turnover and patient attrition have a significant negative impact on PE investment success. By analyzing patient engagement scores and portal utilization, our consultants can paint a clear picture of improvement opportunities and create a strategy to achieve them. 

Status of your RCM

Status of Revenue Cycle Management – Ensuring Financial Stability

RCM is at the heart of your investment, and our consultants will make sure you know exactly how strongly it is beating. We do a full analysis of days adjusted FFS charges in A/R and balances over 90 days in A/R, to bad debt percentage and charge post lag time, leaving no financial stone unturned.  

Identify the Best Post-Acquistion Standardization

From acquisition to exit strategy, we deliver management and technology expertise, tools, best practices, and proven methodologies to boost performance. We believe in complete transparency and will keep you informed every step of the way. 



Apply the Right Standardization Across Portfolios

Our approach standardizes technology, operations, reporting workflows across multi-location portfolios to increase ease of oversight.  

Technology Solutions

Apply Technology Solutions that Maximize Performance

By increasing consistency and standardization, our technology solutions improve outcomes for patients, reduce burden for physicians, and boost profits across entire portfolios. 

Optimize Operations

Optimize Operations for Increased Efficiency

From the front desk to the operating room, to billing and coding policies, our consultants work side–by–side with practice staff to implement policies and workflows that increase efficiency across all your private equity holdings. 

Meet Your Targets

Meet Your Targets to Maximize Revenue

Improving performance with payer and risk-based contracts, leveraging technology to track and meet targets, integrating data reporting and more – our robust service delivery will increase your portfolio’s value, increasing multiples and ROI. 

Proactively Manage the Factors That Impact Your Return on Investment

Teaming up with seasoned industry experts means you do not need experience in healthcare to be successful at investing in medical specialties. The healthcare industry takes decades to understand, and is constantly evolving, so PE firms lean on our guidance to avoid missteps that chip away at profits 

Flexible Timing

Whether you’re carefully planning for the future or need our team to start right away – we can meet your timelines.

Flexible Engagements

The flexibility you need. We can help across multiple locations in large practice groups, or keep the scope small to fit within your budget.
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Systems Expertise

No matter what systems you are using, our consultants have a deep understanding.

Proven Success Through Hands-On Support

Our consultants are experienced healthcare professionals with a track record of delivering clients results. Read for yourself.

Enhancing Practices’ Financial and Clinical Performance 

Our seasoned consultants are here to uncover your many operations improvement opportunities and use them to form a strategy that turns your newest investment into your latest success story. Contact us to learn more about our PE strategic growth expansion solutions for healthcare private equity firms. 

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