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For over two decades, Medical Advantage has represented the gold-standard partner for enhancing efficiency and optimizing delivery of ambulatory healthcare services.

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Our Proven Model

We understand healthcare operations and software optimization, and put the right team in place to achieve operational and financial success.

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Clinician-Centric Approach

With expertise on operational best practices and industry benchmarks, we help clinicians enhance performance and achieve their long-term growth goals.

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Patient Acquisition and Engagement

From digital strategies to workflows that support the care journey, our solutions help practices attract and retain patients.

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Access To Industry Leading Data and Benchmarking

Data-driven insights that go beyond CMS coding data to improve patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and financial performance. 

Our mission – to simplify the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare – is achieved through a range of advisory and technology solutions, delivered both virtually and in-person, aimed at improving physician performance, driving better patient outcomes, and increasing value-based care revenue.

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Our Team

Our team is made up of more than 200 experienced healthcare professionals who know the ins and outs of the healthcare landscape and help practices, systems, and large groups increase their clinical, financial, and technological performance.  

Our Solutions Include

  • EHR Consulting and Training digitalizes your practice, simplifies EHR workflows, and reduces clicks so providers can focus on patient care.  
  • Practice Operations Consulting improves patient outcomes, reduces overhead costs, and increases staff satisfaction and retention with comprehensive operational consultation.  
  • Market Intelligence identifies market trends, demand patterns, and competitive landscapes, and provides new opportunities for growth for clinicians and investors.  
  • Strategic Growth Expansion helps private equity firms make decisions both pre- and post-purchase to standardize practice operations, improve performance, and maximize revenue.  
  • Data Visualization and Analytics eliminates inefficiencies, benchmarks performance, and promotes best practices and provides data integration from all systems for a single source of business intelligence.  
  • Practice Marketing boosts visibility and increases patient volume through websites, reputation management, SEO, social media, and targeted paid advertising.  
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Consulting experts help optimize billing, leverage new revenue capture tools, and create an intelligent framework to track and manage your practice’s claim workflow and improve practice revenue.  
  • ACO Services brings process improvement, technology optimization, and value-based care expertise for high-quality, cost-effective care management.  
  • Value-Based Care Consulting maximizes revenue, optimizes workflows, and improves MIPS performance.  
  • Physician Group Advisory Services engages with practices ranging from single to group providers with business management, in-practice support, quality performance, risk adjustment, cost management services, information technology, and analytics services. 

    Medical Advantage  can help your organization achieve peak efficiency, growth and profitability in a variety of ways. Get in touch to see what solutions we can offer you. 


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