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Move Beyond the Status Quo and Modernize with EHR Optimization 

For far too long, medical professionals have tolerated the tedious EHR quirks and flaws. When changing to a new EHR is out of the question, what else can you do? In many cases, the EHR can do what you need it to do, it just needs some adjustments along with additional training.  

Transform your EHR system from a continuous hindrance to a most helpful asset with EHR optimization – a cost-effective solution that maximizes EHR performance. 

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EHR Optimization Starts with a Strategy 

EHR optimization is a lot like flipping a house – you take an as-is property with a list of issues and tackle them one by one as it transforms into a desirable environment. Imagine the time savings, improved care quality, and revenue gains you would gain from a better EHR. 

Optimization strategy starts by recognizing how much an inefficient and faulty EHR costs your organization – especially burnout – every year that goes by. It is time for a change.  

Get the EHR optimization solution to unlock the full efficiency potential of your EHR – a central component of your practice operations.  


    Common Challenges Resolved by EHR Optimization 

    EHR optimization efforts work to clear out many barriers to a better work experience, making workflows more efficient and functional. Here are some common complaints associated with EHR usability: 

    Using the EHR is tedious as there are too many clicks, needless alerts, and ways to do the same task. EHR optimization customizes the user experience according to each role and streamlines workflows with templates, auto-filled forms, and reduction of needless alerts. 

    Documentation takes too long and is not easy to share with other providers. Clinicians and other staff find themselves entering the same information repetitively, which also results in mistakes. EHR optimization allows providers to use templates, voice dictation, or handwriting to text to make notetaking easier. Clinical decision support tools can also reduce work fatigue and mistakes. Interoperability improvements make it easier to send records to other clinicians (as with the Integrated Fax Solution). With increased efficiency, your staff may find themselves going home sooner. 

    Patient satisfaction is on the decline because the portal doesn’t work properly. EHR optimization can resolve existing patient complaints or add more features that encourage patient population engagement. 

    Reporting is frequently inaccurate, negatively impacting operations at many levels, especially financially. EHR optimization can calibrate your reporting, coding, claims, and revenue cycle management so you can finally be confident about accuracy and efficiency. 

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    Solve EHR Usability Issues with Our Optimization Team

    You may have been provided with a comprehensive manual and other EHR usage resources from your vendor. The problem is you don’t have the time to pore over all the material to extract all the many applicable solutions. Also, some aspects of this literature may now be outdated. 

    EHR consultants reintroduce you to your EHR by showing you how it is supposed to work. Our team works with you one on one to streamline your optimization process. They comb through every aspect of your EHR to find solutions for common headaches and enhancement opportunities by: 

    • Turning on new features and modules, such as clinical decision support features that aid in patient safety 
    • Updating staff training in EHR best practices 
    • Implementing and optimizing your patient portal, including messaging and communication capabilities with patients
    • Adding lobby kiosk software to automate patient check-ins 
    • Reviewing automation to optimize your scheduling and billing processes 
    • Maximizing reimbursement and incentive income with better payer or federal program-specific setup 
    • Streamlining office workflow to encourage staff buy-in 


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    Revitalize Your EHR With Medical Advantage Experts 

    Partnering with Medical Advantage to improve your EHR will establish a long-term management solution for your practice or organization with the added benefit of a seasoned medical approach to technology. We’ve spent two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care quality, administrative efficiency, sustainable profitability, and regulatory compliance. Take the next step in getting the most from your EHR and reach out to a consultant today! 

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