EHR Optimization

Your Trusted Partner for EHR Optimization

Your practice and workflow are unique to you. Our certified team of EHR consultants gets to know your individual practice or specialty, then helps to optimize your EHR to work for you. Our EHR optimization team works with you to enhance your EHR functionality, ensuring you’re getting the most from your investment.

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Our EHR Optimization Team

We’re here to help:

  • Develop a personalized optimization plan
  • Turn on new features and modules
  • Update the way your staff uses current features
  • Implement and optimize your patient portal
  • Improve or implement messaging and communication capabilities with your patient population
  • Add lobby kiosk software to automate patient check-ins
  • Review automation and optimize your scheduling and billing processes
  • Payer or federal program-specific setup; or improve office workflow and staff engagement.

Optimize Your EHR with Medical Advantage

Partnering with Medical Advantage to improve your EHR will establish a long-term management solution for your practice or organization. We’ve spent two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care quality, administrative efficiency, sustainable profitability, and regulatory compliance. As a partner in optimizing the EHR for your practice, Medical Advantage gives you the unique benefit of applying a seasoned medical point-of-view to a technology project.

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