CIPA: A Michigan Physician Organization

Consortium of Independent Physician Associations​

Since 2005, CIPA has been helping Michigan physicians improve their cost and quality performance, unlocking increased revenue opportunities. Medical Advantage assumes 100% of financial downside risk and CIPA shares 50% of it’s Value-Based Care earnings with member physicians.

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Benefits of Joining CIPA


Statewide Physician Organization made primarily of independent physicians

Over 90%

of CIPA  practices achieved PCMH designation

$75 Million+

in additional revenue through fee schedule increases and financial incentives from participation in value-based contracts


Boost Your Value-Based Reimbursements

Our engagements are designed to enhance your value-based reimbursement opportunities, ensuring that you not only deliver exceptional care but also thrive financially in the evolving healthcare landscape. By participating in value-based contracts through CIPA, you can leverage benefits that drive both patient and provider success. 

We offer 24 health plan contracting opportunities though Michigan:

  • Aetna
  • BCBSM Blueprint
  • Blue Cross Complete
  • Blue Care Network
  • Health Alliance Plan
  • Humana
  • Meridian
  • Molina
  • Priority Health


Practice Consulting Icon

Practice Consulting

  • Monthly meetings with our Practice Consultants
  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes​
Practice Marketing Icon

Practice Marketing

  • Practice website services
  • Attract and engage patients in your community
  • Online reputation management
Analytics and Performance Reporting

Analytics & Performance Reporting

  • Portal access to analytics and reports​
  • Provides the insights necessary to effectively manage your patient population
EHR Services Icon

EHR Services

  • EHR staff training​
  • Template improvements​
  • EHR reports
  • Helpdesk services​
  • Telehealth configuration and training
Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Icon

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

  • Billing, coding, and revenue cycle training and consulting​
  • Ensure maximum reimbursement from payers on submitted claims
Payer Contracting Icon

Payer Contracting

  • Access to multiple payer contracts​
  • Optimize performance in VBC contracts​
  • Support in improving patient outcomes to maximize reimbursement
MACRA MIPS Performance Icon

MACRA MIPS Performance Assistance

  • Access to QPP Advisors for guidance on issues related to MIPS eligibility, participation, and performance
  • Assistance is customized to meet practice’s reporting requirements and goals​
Medical Professional Liability Insurance Icon

Medical Professional Liability Insurance

  • CIPA members can take advantage of the best Medical Professional Liability rates
Care Management Icon

Care Management

  • Regular virtual check-ins with the high-risk members of your population
  • Documentation updates in your EHR​

Established to Serve Michigan’s Independent Practices

CIPA is a physician organization consisting of independent practices in over 80 Michigan counties. Our organization enables small groups of physicians and independents to participate in pay-for-performance programs and value-based payer contracts normally only available to larger groups. As a physician, you maintain autonomy in the practice of independent medicine and maintain full control over the financial health of your practice. As a CIPA member, you gain access to invaluable resources, no matter where you are in the state. 

Physicians in CIPA benefit from regular in-practice and virtual visits with our team of expert coaches, who work closely with practice administration and staff to improve clinical and financial outcomes.​ CIPA does not require membership fees. 

CIPA Membership Includes

  • Independent Practices
  • Specialty Practices
  • Group Practices
  • Primary Care Practices
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Rural Health Clinics

On Demand Webinar

Additional Earning Opportunities with a VBC Powerhouse 

Medical Advantage is now part of Aledade, the largest network of independent primary care providers in the United States. As a leading primary care Accountable Care Organization (ACO) network and a recognized leader in value-based care, Aledade supports over 1,900 practices, health centers, and clinics across the United States. Our shared goal is to expand value-based care in Michigan and beyond. That means CIPA members have an additional opportunity to maximize reimbursements from both commercial payers and CMS.  

Physician Spotlights

With support and guidance from Medical Advantage practice consultants, physicians all across the state are experiencing the benefits being a CIPA member brings – listen to their stories here.

Learn More About Joining CIPA

Frequently Asked Questions about our Michigan Physician Organization, CIPA 

What are the benefits of joining a physician organization in Michigan?

Joining a physician organization in Michigan offers numerous benefits for independently practicing physicians and group practices. These organizations provide support systems that help improve the quality of care services delivered to patients. Key benefits include: 

  • Collaborative Environment: Working with other primary care physicians and specialists within the physician group enhances knowledge sharing and best practices. 
  • Access to Resources: Physician organizations often provide access to advanced medical home models, managed care contracts, and public health initiatives. 
  • Financial Stability: Participation can lead to shared savings programs and better reimbursement rates through value-based care contracts. 
  • Professional Support: Organizations offer administrative support, continuing education, and advocacy through their board of directors. 

        How does a physician organization help to improve patient care?

        Physician organizations play a crucial role in enhancing patient care by fostering a collaborative environment where high-quality care is prioritized. Here is how they make a difference: 

        • Integrated Care: By working closely with physician hospitals and care organizations, these groups ensure comprehensive and coordinated care services. 
        • Quality Improvement Programs: Physician practices benefit from quality improvement initiatives aimed at achieving better patient outcomes. 
        • Resource Optimization: Access to shared resources, such as electronic health records (EHR) and practice management tools, helps streamline operations and improve patient care. 
        • Patient-Centered Approach: A focus on medical home models ensures that care is holistic, continuous, and tailored to patient needs. 

        What are the key factors to consider when looking to join a physician organization?

        When considering joining a physician organization, several key factors should be evaluated: 

        • Alignment with Practice Goals: Ensure the organization’s mission and values align with your own goals as a primary care physician or specialist. 
        • Support Services: Look for organizations that offer extensive support services, including administrative assistance, practice management, and technology optimization. 
        • Quality of Care Commitment: Evaluate their commitment to high-quality patient care and involvement in public health and managed care initiatives. 
        • Financial Benefits: Consider the financial incentives, such as improved reimbursement rates and participation in value-based care contracts. 
        • Reputation and Network: Assess the organization’s reputation and the strength of its network, including affiliated physician hospitals and care organizations. 

        How does technology play a role in enhancing patient care within a PO?

        Technology is pivotal in enhancing patient care within a physician organization (PO). Medical Advantage helps physician organizations leverage technology with the following services for healthcare providers: 

        • EHR Optimization: Implementation, customization, training, and support for effective use of EHRs and integration with other healthcare systems to ensure seamless data flow. 
        • Data Analytics: Advanced analytics to identify care gaps and track patient outcomes, performance monitoring and reporting to inform clinical decisions, and predictive analytics to enhance patient care and resource allocation. 
        • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): Streamlining billing processes for accurate and timely reimbursement, claims management and denial resolution services, and financial performance tracking and reporting. 
        • Telehealth Solutions: Implementation of telehealth platforms for remote patient consultations, training and support for providers and patients, and integration with existing practice management systems to ensure continuity of care. 
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