Healthcare Operations Consulting

Resolve Persistent Challenges Piece by Piece 

You know that many aspects of your organization should work better. But time to find a solution is scarce, and not knowing which direction to take is often difficult. What if you had an experienced advisor at your side to guide you through best practices and management strategies? Consultants at Medical Advantage have learned from experience and understand your challenges and can guide you to the best solutions. Our teams are dedicated to helping your organization succeed in optimal performance. 

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Achieve Operational Excellence for Your Healthcare Organization 

Having the best healthcare team talent is your greatest asset, but without optimized processes and technology alignment, healthcare teams often struggle. We uncover opportunities to enhance performance and address those issues that hinder your staff – even the ones that they learned to live with. Our job is to help your staff excel despite the inefficiencies brought about by the introduction of regulation and technology. 

Optimize Your Practice’s Operations and Improve Efficiency 

From better patient satisfaction to optimized efficiency and productivity, our consultants provide valuable advice and insights, leading to improved clinical management and profitability. 

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Enhance patient satisfaction

Streamlining health system operations promotes a satisfactory patient experience, leading to patient retention and positive referrals.  

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Reduce errors and improve care quality

Identifying potential risks in clinical operations and implementing quality control programs results in safer care for patients that also mitigate mistakes that increase costs. 

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Identify inefficiencies

Uncovering areas where resources like time and money are wasted and finding the best solutions to streamline your operations. 

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Cost savings

Identifying more opportunities to reduce costs that lead to significant savingswithout sacrificing quality. 

How We Help Improve Your Practice’s Operations

To implement improvements for your healthcare organization in one big sweep would be ideal. However, it takes small, deliberate steps to affect big change in your operations. Here are the many ways our consultants help organizations seize valuable opportunities to be the best they can be.  


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Find the Best Vendor for Your Organization

  • Assist with vendor selection, EHR, and practice management  
  • Advise on patient engagement tools, including call center and digital outreach  
  • Provide impartial guidance for selection during the RFP process from requirements to execution 
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Establish the Most Effective Processes and Workflows

  • Assess practice operations  
  • Review internal procedures and define practice goals  
  • Develop workflows and business operations best practices 
  • Implement organizational change management processes 
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Help Your Teams Perform to the Best of Their Abilities

  • Role optimization and alignment with systems  
  • Leader coaching and mentoring  
  • Instill knowledge of HCC coding and impacts 
  • Cultural alignment of leadership, providers, and staff 
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Stop and Prevent Revenue Loss

  • Assess productivity and cost per provider  
  • A/R analysis  
  • Provider compensation modeling  
  • Payer contract review 
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Leverage the Power of Data to More Effectively Support Operations

  • High-powered healthcare analytics solutions  
  • Gain more insights and control over your business  
  • Improve scheduling and patient flow 
  • Improve Rather Than Replace Your EHR 
  • EHR selection, assessment, and implementation  
  • EHR Helpdesk service  
  • Support for practice management and integrations 
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    Expand Your Patient Base with Practice Marketing Strategies

    • Develop robust patient acquisition strategic planning 
    • Optimize patient engagement and improve reviews and retention  
    • Increase visibility and referral rates for your practice 
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      Achieve Better Outcomes and Retention Through Patient Engagement

      • Boost patient satisfaction and reduce cancelations  
      • Increase patient portal use  
      • Improve patient retention 

        Get Started With Healthcare Operations Consulting from Medical Advantage 

        Backed by some of the most talented and seasoned healthcare professionals in the industry, Medical Advantage can help streamline your medical practice workflows, effectively raising the quality of patient care and dynamically improving the outlook for your bottom line. Reach out to learn more about how our expert consultants can transform your practice operations into what you always hoped was possible 

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