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Get the Most Benefit from Your athenahealth Products   

Discover How Much More athenaOne® Can Do Through EHR Optimization 

Healthcare organizations from coast to coast are opting for athenathealth’s all-encompassing suite of cloud-based healthcare solutions designed to simplify practice management. Each module within the suite is robust and feature-rich, offering functionality such as detailed charting for patient encounters, advanced scheduling, fully integrated telehealth services, and intuitive e-prescribing.  

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Optimize And Improve Your Practice’s Adoption of athenahealth Products 

Our athenahealth consulting services are specifically designed to optimize and enhance athenahealth’s suite of cloud-based healthcare solutions. Whether it is the comprehensive electronic medical records system, patient engagement tools, or revenue cycle management, we work diligently to help you extract the most benefits. 

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With athenahealth’s EHR platform, we precisely streamline your workflows, reduce documentation time, and ensure you’re effectively using all the features to their fullest potential. 

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athenaClinicals work best when they are customized for efficiency and accuracy in patient record keeping. 

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As a powerful clinical rules engine, athenaCollector can be calibrated for greater clinical control and insights by refining billing workflows, reducing errors, and improving your practice’s financial health. 

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ptimal utilization of athenaCommunicator’s efficient communication tools improve patient satisfaction, boost engagement rates, and foster stronger relationships between patients and providers.

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Simplify referrals and order management, ensuring seamless communication and promoting better patient care coordination across your practice. 

Get More from Your EHR Investment 

As a major business investment, EHRs should help your practice perform more effectively and the good news is that athenaOne® offers a foundation for operational efficiency and improved clinical workflows. Your Athena® EHR has secure mobile capabilities and is designed to grow with your practice. Additional modules, for telehealth and population health, can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system. With proper optimization and training from expert athenaOne® consultants, staff and patients will soon notice improvements. 

Simplified Documentation

Customizable and user-friendly patient record entry 

Increased Productivity

Powerful automation tools save time and reduce errors 

Increased Revenue Boost

Medical billing and coding efficiency recovers revenue 

Continuity of Care

Real-time patient information sharing between providers supports quality care continuity

Enhanced Engagement

Self-service tools for patients put care management right at their fingertips 

More Reliable Data Security

Peace of mind with a multi-point patient information security structure

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Optimization is the Key to Activating Top Performance from athenahealth Products 

magine turning your EHR system from merely an administrative work system into a strategic asset that drives growth and success. Optimization is about bridging the gap between your current EHR system and an optimally performing one to unlock top performance. Inactive or underutilized customizations are one of the most common setbacks, but they can be swiftly remedied through our solutions. 

Embarking on a full-scale athenahealth consulting project with Medical Advantage experts allows your organization to extract maximum value from your EHR software. It empowers your medical practice to meet its goals and reach its highest aspirations. 

Ready To Get The Most Out Of athenaOne®? 

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a well optimized system for your practice. Optimize your workflows and enhance patient care today. Contact us now to get started!

What Does athenahealth Consulting Entail?   

The goal of optimization is to calibrate the use of the electronic health records (EHR) software–as closely as possible–to each healthcare organization’s specific needs. For this reason, EHR optimization strategies vary from practice to practice, including considerations for staff augmentation during training. Typically, team members can expect changes to workflows, adjustments in revenue cycle management, improved billing and coding procedures, security checks, more accurate reporting, and the training needed to ensure success.  

Enhancements specific to athenaOne software optimization include:   

  • Provider Accelerators to Reduce Physician Burnout 
  • Clinical Inbox Review
  • TAO Table Review
  • Technology Review
  • Charge Integration Audit
  • Care Check Report
  • Chart Prep
  • Quality Report Review
  • Clinical Workflow and Configuration Training  
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Harness The Full Potential of athenahealth with Medical Advantage EHR Consulting Services 

For over two decades, our experienced consultants have worked with all the major EHRs in a myriad of healthcare settings. Our athenahealth-certified consultants approach each athenahealth consulting project with a seasoned point-of-view to deliver ongoing support to make your organization successful.  

Whether you need go-live support for EHR implementation, are preparing for an upcoming upgrade, addressing user dissatisfaction, focusing on patient engagement, or looking to boost revenue, our project management team is prepared to help meet your goals. Our specialized consultants know the ins-and-outs of athenahealth products and keep up with the latest enhancements to offer the best solutions for your practice at the right time. 

athenaOne® EHR Consulting Services

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EHR Optimization

Your practice. Your workflow. Our customized solutions. Optimize patient data and improve clinical efficiency.


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EHR Migration

If you’ve exhausted your options with your Athena® EHR and are ready to migrate to a new solution, our experts can make the process seamless and pain-free.


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Go-Live Support

We listen, then develop a personalized implemention to suit the needs of your practice.

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EHR Training and Support

Your in-house expert, we help you optimize workflows, leverage new tools, and provide ongoing technical support.

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EHR Helpdesk

Our helpdesk offers on-demand Q&A support, along with “how-to” advice for simple requests.

Value-Based Care and Quality Management

With a focus on payer contracts and strategy development, we make sure you get the most out of your VBC contracts. 


Analytical Data View

Optimal data reporting and analytics that are customized for your organization provide deep insights into your operations.

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Revenue Cycle Optimization

Our team will assess your entire revenue cycle to accelerate cash flow and drive increased profitability. 

Flexible Timing

Whether you’re carefully planning for the future or need our team to start right away – we can meet your timelines.

Flexible Engagements

The flexibility you need. We can help across multiple locations in large practice groups, or keep the scope small to fit within your budget.

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