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Medical Advantage Transforms an FQHC’s EHR and Practice Operations for Optimal Efficiency  


Our solutions strengthened consistency across the practice, as we implemented best practices to ensure that all staff were following the same procedures. In addition, we enhanced reporting, introducing cumulative reports that allow providers to view all patient labs in one report instead of having to open each one individually. This resulted in more efficient and effective patient care and increased accuracy and precision in diagnosis and treatment.
Increased Staff and Provider


through personalized templates and training



with streamlined workflows to reduce unnecessary clicks



best practices to ensure that every patient receives the same high standard of care



capabilities leading to more efficient diagnosis and treatment planning


This Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) multi-specialty practice in New Jersey provides a comprehensive roster of ambulatory health care services, including pediatrics, OBGYN, and dentistry as well as family medicine and adult medicine.


Like many FQHC’s, this multi-specialty practice faced many challenges including complicated EHR interfaces and a lack of consistent training. Without the right adjustments, these contributed to inefficiencies and other issues for providers and staff. Common pain points included:

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Staff frustration due to cumbersome and inefficient workflows, leading to decreased productivity and job dissatisfaction

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Incorrect documentation from phone encounters, leading to potential errors in patient care

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Issues with provider scheduling caused delays in patient appointments and led to decreased patient satisfaction

Our Solutions

The FQHC ambulatory care practice knew it was underutilizing its EHR but did not know how to uncover the features and functionality that would lead to reduced frustration and increased efficiency. Medical Advantage stepped in to assess the practice’s existing workflows and identified areas in need of improvement. By working closely with the practice, Medical Advantage developed a customized plan that checked off every item on their wish list:

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More effective training of staff as well as one-on-one EHR training with each provider

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EHR optimization that supports best practices and efficient workflows

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A training program to ensure for the readiness of incoming staff to support continued success of practice optimizations

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