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A Tall Order with a Tight Deadline: Medical Advantage Tackles an FQHC’s UDS Reporting Challenge 


Leveraging our deep expertise in healthcare data management and EHR systems, we developed a tailored solution that enabled the efficient consolidation of data from two EHR systems. Through meticulous data scrubbing and validation processes, we ensured the accuracy and reliability of the information, enabling the FQHC to meet its UDS submission requirements on time.  


Combining data from two different systems that is ready for analysis and reporting 



Confirming every piece of data meets the stringent criteria required for UDS reporting 

Crafted Timely

UDS Reporting 

Fully HIPAA compliant submission of patient data 


This multi-specialty Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in New Jersey delivers an extensive array of primary care services, encompassing family and adult medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, behavioral health, and social services. 


In the face of a tight deadline and data integration challenges, this FQHC found itself at a crossroads. The February 15 deadline for the Uniform Data System (UDS), a standardized system for health centers to report on a core set of measures, loomed.  

The problem was compounded by a recent change in EHR systems mid-year. The task at hand was daunting: to combine and accurately report data from two disparate EHR systems within a two-week deadline. 

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Meet submission deadline

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Handle sensitive PHI in compliance with HIPAA

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Combine data from separate EHR systems

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Develop analytics reporting and verify each value set

Our Solutions

With help from Medical Advantage, the FQHC was not only able to meet its UDS submission requirements on time but also did so with the assurance of data accuracy and reliability. Our HIPAA-compliant approach and meticulous attention to detail resulted in the efficient consolidation of data from both EHR systems, overcoming the significant challenges posed by the looming deadline and complex data environment. Solutions included:  

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Patient mapping to preserve the integrity and continuity of patient data

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Data analytics, including 21 customized and validated reports

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Fully compliant, accurate, and on-time UDS submission

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