Medical Advantage Announces Launch of its 2023 ACO 

by | Apr 3, 2022 | News

Medical Advantage Announces Launch of its 2023 ACO, Providing Dedicated Practice Consultants to Improve Quality Performance Across Federal and Commercial Reimbursement Programs  

Medical Advantage TDC ACO participants will have access to our extensive portfolio of practice support services designed to drive performance in federal programs like MIPS, HEDIS, and PCMH – as well as commercial payer arrangements. 

Novi, Michigan, April 3, 2022: Medical Advantage, a healthcare services company and part of TDC Group, announces the Medical Advantage ACO, a fee-free, Level B shared savings program which aims to improve medical practices’ quality performance across a wide range of reimbursement programs. Our interventions are designed to improve care delivery, not just for Medicare patients, but for a provider’s entire patient population, and to document this care for efficient and accurate reporting, maximizing reimbursement opportunities for our hardworking physician members. 

“Through our extensive experience in supporting practice performance in federal and commercial programs and thorough review of healthcare and practice data, we are excited to launch an ACO crafted to maximize reimbursement opportunities for our nation’s dedicated providers. In fact, we are so confident that our member physicians will succeed in improving their performance, that we are fee-free, will charge no penalties, and will cover any downside risk as we enter risk/reward models,” said Darline El Reda, Vice President of Population Health at Medical Advantage.  

Medical Advantage ACO’s robust and transparent reporting will provide physicians with information on performance at the ACO, practice, and provider levels. With the ACO’s proprietary portal, Carespective, clinicians and their staff can access information on risk scores, gaps in care, facility utilization, and benchmarking in one comprehensive platform. In addition, educational materials on best practices for documentation and coding are uploaded to Carespective regularly to ensure that ACO members are empowered to maximize reimbursements.  

With decades of healthcare performance, technology, and analytics expertise, our Medical Advantage ACO consultants assist participating practices in optimizing their cost and utilization performance with data-driven interventions and recommendations. 

  • We will identify the highest quality and most cost-efficient specialty providers in your area so that you can refer your patients to the right specialist. 
  • We will highlight risk adjustment opportunities so that providers and payers have accurate risk scores to deliver, document, and reimburse care completely and efficiently. 
  • We will analyze facility utilization, readmission, quality gaps data, and more to identify primary care providers. 

“We are uniquely engaged in ensuring that your practice is equipped to deliver exceptional care,” said Practice Consultant Beth Hickerson, “We provide you with the localized expertise and support required to keep your Medicare and commercial patients healthy and happy, ensuring you are appropriately reimbursed for the care you deliver across a range of federal and commercial quality contracts and programs.”  

Medical Advantage has supported independent practitioners, group practices, independent physician associations, and Medicare ACOs for more than 25 years. Small independent practice clients, in particular, have benefitted from our support services, resulting in more than $100 million in value-based care incentives over the last 5 years. 

With Medical Advantage ACO participation comes the following no-cost services: 

  • Annual Planning: We work with your staff to develop an annual plan that prioritizes practice activity and optimizes shared savings opportunities for the ACO. You’ll have regular meetings with your Practice Coach to ensure we’re working together to accomplish your goals.  
  • Annual Wellness Visits: Our team applies best practices to increase appointment volumes with patients, develop personalized care plans, and incorporate the use of telehealth technology. 
  • Advance Care Planning: Coaching on how to best speak with your patients about the healthcare they would wish to receive in the event of a medical crisis.  
  • Billing and Coding: Our coaches work with your staff to increase reimbursement amounts and reduce claim denials. 
  • Risk Adjustment: We provide tools, training, and support from our in-house Certified Risk Coders to ensure complete and accurate patient risk capture.  
  • Transitions of Care: Our team provides expert help tracking your patients’ movement to ensure proper care and manage unnecessary costs.  

About Medical Advantage  

Medical Advantage ( is an innovator within the TDC Group of companies (TDC Group) for maximizing health plan and provider clinical and financial performance in value-based contracting. Medical Advantage’s hands-on, value-based healthcare, electronic health record (EHR), dashboards, and telehealth consulting services provide practices, health plans, and delivery systems of all sizes with customized, actionable solutions to decrease the cost of care and improve quality. Medical Advantage’s mission is to simplify the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare. 

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