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Darline El Reda, Dr.PH, MPH,

VP, Population Health Strategy and Analytics

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Financial Reports for Medical Practices and Private Equity

The financial future of any medical practice is directly tied to the accuracy of its data and the stability of its finances. However, for private equity (PE) groups, the reporting requirements become much more complex. By having accurate and reliable data from financial reporting dashboards for medical practices, investors can gain valuable insights into the […]

4 Opportunities to Improve Medical Practice Efficiency with Quality Dashboards

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Improve Operational Efficiency and Patient Flow 2. Optimize Data Entry During Patient Visits 3. Ensure Maximum Productivity with Scheduling Updates 4. Leverage Healthcare Quality Dashboards 5. Track Progress by Benchmarking For healthcare organizations, efficiency and patient satisfaction are key to clinical quality and productive care delivery. As regulations and expectations continue […]

Healthcare Quality Dashboards: A Powerful Tool to Assist with the Shift to Value-Based Care

For U.S. healthcare providers wondering how best to approach the industry-wide pivot to value-based care, there is no shortage of questions. These new reimbursement models— which reward quality of care, rather than volume of services— are full of potential financial promise for payers and providers alike. However, the transition from more traditional models is fraught with […]