Make Your Final Answer: Attend User Group Forums

If you’ve ever watched the TV game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – the show where contestants answer a series of multiple-choice questions, which grow in payoff value as they do in difficulty – then you know that contestants have the option to “ask the audience” if they’re not sure of the answer. If you’ve ever had a question about using an application (such as Microsoft Office) or needed help troubleshooting a problem, you may have Googled the answer and come across user forums where other users provided potential answers.

While these forums may house some practical information, and you may not get the expertise of your electronic medical record (EMR) vendor’s employees in these forums, that doesn’t mean that the payoff isn’t helpful. Engaged “EMR superusers” who’ve used the EMR for years are eager to provide answers.

What’s the next level to becoming an EMR superuser?

Attend your EHR vendor user group forums. These forums provide valuable knowledge that will help increase your productivity, improve collaboration as well as help you manage data and improve operations and costs. By attending, you’ll learn from industry leaders and technical experts, and you can provide useful feedback about the technology.

Here are four reasons why you should attend EHR user group forums:

  1. Peer networking: You have the opportunity through user groups to develop a network of peers working with the same technology. You can discuss current projects and bounce ideas off people who might have a different viewpoint, which can give you a fresh perspective.
  2. Learning opportunities: Solving business problems through shared experiences is another advantage to spending time in a user group. If you’re looking for a better way to do something, hearing how others implement solutions may help you think about it in a different way.
  3. Knowledge sharing: Pay it forward by sharing your knowledge. This not only raises your own profile, but you help others who may be dealing with issues you’ve had. Give and take is important.
  4. Hot topics: Often you’ll learn about the latest technology updates through user group forums, even before they’re announced. You may also hear about lessons learned, which can help you avoid future frustration.

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