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Unlocking the Power of NextGen™ Healthcare Reporting for Medical Practices 

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Articles, EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Enterprise EHR reporting has become the backbone of data analysis in healthcare, as EHRs can generate robust reports that measure clinical outcomes, improve quality of care, and optimize revenue cycle management. NextGen™ Healthcare— a leading provider of EHR technology solutions — provides users with a suite of flexible reporting capabilities that meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations.  

NextGen™ Financial and Operational Analytics 

NextGen™ Financial and Operational Analytics helps providers generate actionable insights and make informed decisions. This also enables clinicians to track patient outcomes, improve care delivery processes, and identify opportunities for improvement.  

One of the most significant advantages of NextGen™ reporting is its customization capabilities. Healthcare professionals can configure reports according to their specific needs and requirements. This customization ensures that they only receive relevant data points to help them make knowledgeable clinical decisions. 

Improve Your Bottom Line with NextGen™ Office Revenue Cycle Management Reports 

NextGen™ reporting capabilities can lead to several improvements in practice management. Healthcare organizations rely on revenue cycle management (RCM) reports to optimize billing, collections, and cash flow. NextGen™ Office provides more than 25 RCM reports that can be used to identify denials, trends in reimbursement, and claim submission errors.  

For example, the accounts receivable summary report provides a snapshot of the practice’s net collections and the number of days in accounts receivable. The payment summary report shows how many payments were received within a certain date range.  

Maintain Compliance with NextGen™ HQM 

The NextGen Health Quality Measures (HQM) reporting module includes over 50 clinical quality measures (CQMs) for automatic registry reporting required by pay-for-performance (P4P) programs. CQMs are used to incentivize providers to improve their care processes and outcomes.  

For example, the preventive care and screening CQM assesses whether a patient received recommended preventive services, such as cancer screenings or immunizations. Or the hypertension control CQM measures the percentage of patients with high blood pressure who have their blood pressure controlled. 

In addition, the NextGen™ Enterprise platform is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 3, which requires providers to report on certain clinical quality measures (CQMs) and attest to using certified EHR technology. NextGen™ provides Meaningful Use reports that streamline the reporting process by compiling the required data into a single report. This feature saves providers time and is productive toward compliance with federal regulations. 

See Real-Time Data with NextGen™ Ad Hoc Reports  

The NextGen™ ad hoc reporting feature enables users to customize reports by choosing from a library of data fields. Users select the type of data they want to include in their report and can apply filters to narrow down the results. This feature is especially helpful for those who need real-time, actionable data that is not available in standard reports.  

For example, an ad hoc report can be created to show the number of patients with a specific diagnosis who have been prescribed a particular kind of medication. The ad hoc reports are easy to create and can be saved for future use. 

Save Time with NextGen™ Customized Reporting Dashboards  

NextGen™ also allows users to create personalized reporting dashboards that are tailored to their roles and responsibilities. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for users to search for irrelevant data across different EHR modules. The dashboards can be customized based on multiple variables, including date ranges, patient demographics, and provider-specific metrics.  

For example, a primary care physician may create a dashboard that displays the number of patients seen, top diagnoses, and preventive care measures needed for their patient population. Or a practice administrator can create a dashboard that displays financial metrics, such as accounts receivable and revenue per provider. Dashboards are a highly efficient way for healthcare professionals to access the data they need without the hassle of generating repetitive reports. 

Summary: NextGen™ Reporting: Insights that Lead to Operational Excellence 

NextGen™ financial and operational analytics can help healthcare organizations deliver high-quality patient care while maintaining regulatory compliance. These reporting features are customizable and enable users to generate meaningful insights from concise information to improve financial outcomes, administrative processes, and quality measures. 

Make the Most of Your NextGen™ Healthcare System with Medical Advantage 

Whether migrating to a new version, optimizing your current EHR, aiming to reduce clicks, or maximizing your practice revenue – our NextGen™ certified consultants can help. Our consultants can also help you optimize reporting so you can best leverage your EHR data across all operations. Contact us to learn more about how we can optimize your NextGen™ system to improve the performance of your practice. 

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