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Medical Advantage Helps a Primary Care Build Patient Base from Ground Up


After Medical Advantage implemented a plan to build a patient base from the ground up the primary care practice achieved the following:
Increased Website Traffic


website visitors per month 

Increased Page 1 Rankings


for specialty and local keywords

Increased Patient Requests


through website-generated patient appointment requests


This single-physician practice in Washington DC operates under a “Concierge Medicine” model in which, in addition to billing insurance, patients can pay a flat retainer fee per year in exchange for unlimited access to the provider. This newly established practice struggled with building a patient base and brand recognition. 


As a brand-new practice, this suburban provider’s largest challenge was building a patient base from scratch. The secondary challenge was establishing an online presence that was not tied to the provider’s previous workplace. Pain points included: 

Challenges Icon

Lack of online presence in new practice

Challenges Icon

No SEO optimization on website

Challenges Icon

All online presence linked to previous practice

Our Solutions

A key part of this practice’s transition was to ensure everything published about the provider online was updated to reflect their new solo practice. Comprehensive and aggressive rebranding efforts led to a new brand launch to drive success. 

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Custom website and enhanced SEO

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Google Ads implementation and maintenance

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Patient generation platform with directory listings management

Medical Advantage Can Help

Medical Advantage is an innovator in healthcare. Our years of experience, data driven strategies and in person approach drive change, improve outcomes, and maximize ROI. Our team has the expertise to provide customized, actionable solutions to decrease the cost of care and improve quality for your practice.

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